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Sunday 12 Feb, 2017, 5:32pm by Mrs D 38 comments

I have a sneaky suspicion that there are people who visit Living Sober to read blogs and look in the Sober Toolbox.. but don’t ever go inside the Community Area. A few people have commented lately that they’ve been coming to the site for a while but have only just discovered the Members Feed – and this is a total bummer!

The ‘Members Feed’ is inside the ‘Community Area’ and it is the page on this site where we mostly hang out. It’s a scrolling feed where we all post regular updates on what is happening in our day-to-day lives.

Our trials and triumphs as we attempt to move sober around this  booze-soaked world of ours.

The books and blogs we are reading and documentaries we are watching.

How we are dealing with our loved ones drinking or talking to our friends about our recovery.

The material shared inside that space is honest, gritty, warm, kind, real, supportive and non-judgemental. At times it can be inspiring, heart-warming, heart-breaking, sad, uplifting and informative. But it is always real and it is always kind.

It really is a no-brainer. If you want to take your online recovery experience to the next level get yourself in there! You do so by registering to join – putting in your email address (which no-one will see) and choosing any username you like. You can hide your true identity – that is totally fine – and it won’t stop you making genuine connections with other members.

If you have any problems registering send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll help you get in.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. So pleased I found this site. Day one for me after so many failed attempts over the past few years I have lost count. The comfort of knowing I’m not alone in my feelings of shame, guilt, failure, hopelessness, loneliness give me so much hope. Alcohol is such a powerful temptation that it consumes my thoughts daily, making me feel I’m going mad. Reading about others who are in their 50′s and have finally managed to remain sober gives me a reason to give it another go. I want to live life to the full and I know that being sober is the only way I will achieve this. Day 1….

  2. Ellie, I am having the same problem. I have emailed Mrs. D about it. I keep getting the same error message when I click on the link they sent me to join the community.

  3. This quest for sobriety is a long time coming. I say that because I have questioned my relationship with alcohol and ignored the answers. I would describe myself as a weekend binger filled with guilt, regret and promises. Promises to only have one more, which is never enough. I secretly monitor the pours and how much is left. I feel different right now as I have discovered this online community full of people with similar stories. Thank you. I am on day 10, but actually count one weekend.

  4. I also relapsed last night after work!!! Pleased to hear I am only human. My Birthday next week, I just know I will be given a bottle of wine from someone, even though I do stress no, no I don’t need Wine!!
    I will start again, I have also been a ‘lurker’ here for a very long time and decided last week to get into it and join officially. So pleased I have.

  5. I tried to become a member, but needed to type in a code to prove I was not a robot. There were no letters to type in. I was sent another sign in on email to type in letters that were not there. So I have not been able to join the members site.

    1. If you’re on a computer, there should be a set of pictures below the robot question. Just click on those pics that show whatever the instructions ask if you see. After that, you should get a verification. If not, email Mrs D [[email protected]] .

      1. On the left of this page, there was a question addressed to me (not sure from who) asking if I’m in the Members Feed. I (think) I joined yesterday, was having problems accessing the feed and got help from [email protected].

  6. Day 5 for me. Last time I made 43 days. That was a record for me. Ive been on this ride for 19 years, maybe longer. I don’t get hangovers anymore. I think I would prefer that to this overwhelming guilt and self .hate. But Im never going to stop trying. I found this site accidently, and it helps me a lot to know Im not alone.

    1. Same. Can’t believe I only lasted 3 days… it was such a stupid thing to have that one glass of wine that led to me finishing the whole bottle yet again. My “excuse” was that i could not bear my partner’s heavy drinking, currently made worse by his friend visiting, while sober. Now having yet another guilt-ridden sleepless night as a result, which means that I will be a grumpy git in a few hours and of little use to anyone. So fed up with this cycle…

  7. I’m a long-time lurker Mrs D and have been visiting your Living Sober blog since I got sober almost 23 months ago. Hand to my heart I couldn’t have done it without the sober community.. thank you Mrs D, Ainsobriety, Mark Goodson, Paul, Mary Kay, Annie.. had no idea I was going to come out the closet tonight, have really surprised myself!

    1. Hi I’m a lurker as well but even less so over last few.months as my phone was on it’s last legs. Anyway back from social isolation and have decided to contribute a bit more even though I always worry what people will think. I started just before you on the 1st Feb 15. This site and soberistas have been my life line. Lets start liking less. X

  8. For me it is 6 days usually post relationship split it is 2 only but I can stop at one bottle now. Any progress is good progress dont beat yourself up

      1. Ha..from ages 37 to 59..many, many times said would stop. But for some reason a no drink challenge seems to work for me. Closing in on the four month Mark I set for myself. Have decided to make this permanent as it feels so good.

  9. I watched your tv interview when you admitted to alcoholism and realized I was getting into that habit. You gave me the courage to give up.
    I am sure my husband is an alcoholic but he will deny it.
    I am wondering where I can get support to help him.
    Mrs T

    1. CADS (community alcohol and drugs service) are a useful place. They dont promote abstinence, just safe use. They have friends and family support meetings, group and one on one work. They also have loads of pamphlets and info that might mysteriously find itself to your kitchen bench!!!?? Good luck it’s hard to be worried about someone you love

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