Sober Holidays Are The Best!

Sunday 23 Oct, 2016, 5:59pm by Mrs D 7 comments

Sober holidays are the best!!! Here’s why..

1) Saving money. Booze is EXPENSIVE! And at the rate I used to drink it you could add hundreds to my holiday bill. But now I don’t drink I have more to spend on lovely indulgences for myself like massages (yes!), activities (that I’m more inclined to do nowadays) and trinkets.

2) Sleeping well. When I used to go on holiday and enthusiastically booze throughout I’d sleep like utter crap and slowly get more shattered as the holiday went on. Now I’m sober I have decent sleeps every night and wake up to lovely…

3) Holiday mornings. There is nothing like waking up in a new place feeling well rested, calm and ready for the day ahead. I love hangover free, guilt free holiday mornings. They are quiet and gentle and leave me….

4) Feeling calm. There are often so many little issues to deal with on holiday. Family dynamics/logistical issues/group decision making/insect bites/sunburn/lost property/managing spending etc etc. But now that I keep my head clear all the time (and don’t mess up my brain chemistry with copious amounts of booze) I’m far better at accepting and navigating through little issues, and as a result I stay calmer inside myself. It’s a subtle low-level feeling of calm but very noticeable (and in stark contrast to the subtle level of angst I used to often experience when travelling away).

5) Food and drink. Rather than just chase the next hit of alcohol I’m more into enjoying the foods and drinks strangers are making for me day after day.

6) Better memories. So many of my past holidays I think back on now and mostly just remember how hammered I got throughout. It’s sad but I used to think that holidays were just an good excuse to drink more than usual. It might have felt like a good idea at the time but looking back it doesn’t present very well. Now I can look back on my holidays knowing that I fully immersed myself in the experience enjoying it for what it naturally offered, rather than trying to enhance it with a liquid drug that costs heaps of money, messes up my sleep, blurs my emotions and disconnects me from my friends and family.

Like I said.. sober holidays are the best!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx



  1. Agreed… Finally at the 275 mark and I’ve noticed that I’m not thinking about wine at all. Not getting it, drinking it, hiding it, and best of all NOT drinking it!!! I don’t think about it at all and have strung together quite a few days like that. Not thinking about booze is so freeing…truly. I won’t allow myself to forget the WHY i don’t drink though….I check in here regularly and it brings it all together. Totally worth the early struggle. The best is the respect of my family again… Hang in there and read read read!!

    1. Your post really resonated with me. I’m 2 weeks sober and feel so relieved that wine is no longer consuming my thoughts, no longer thinking about my next drink, about sneaking more and hiding my drinking. I’m also loving waking up with a clear head and the best thing is not having a sick stomach all day and eating bad food in an effort to fix it. I so don’t need wine in my life anymore, it’s so much fresher without it. Although sometimes I feel I’m on a tightrope – I just need to look up and remain focused on what’s ahead.

  2. Hi Mrs. D,

    Thank you for the chance to join your blog.
    I’m in the early days of trying to go sober, today I pulled a sicky and read 160 pages of your book I issued from the library.
    For most of the day reading in the sun I felt great like today would be my first sober day in years.
    The pull of the wine lured me in at tea time and I guess I’ll have to start tomorrow.
    What I want you to know is although I haven’t got past day one yet, reading a lot of your book have given some comfort in knowing what’s ahead.
    Your a special lady Mrs D. I hope tomorrow is the first day to the rest of my life!
    Bless you and your writing its given me confidence I can do this.

  3. So true – well said. Part of me was putting off giving up alcohol again as I had a few events coming up including a trip to the Gold Coast with my husband, son and his friend to celebrate his 16th birthday. For some crazy reason in my head I needed to be drinking for this event. Then I realised I actually needed to give up and be clear of it in time for this event! So that I am not making decisions based on where the next drink will be and fully enjoying the sunshine and beaches and theme parks without drudging through the day with a hangover controlled with painkillers and coffee. We are not going with another couple so there is no fear of peer pressure. Lets get it in perspective – it is for my son who is sporty and fun and never had a drop of alcohol in his life and I’d prefer to be the role model that shows him exactly how you can holiday without alcohol being a major part of it.

  4. omg yeeeesss, agree 100% but has taken some brain rewiring to see things this way. When we are viewing life through the booze glasses we can feel deprived. The other great thing is not spending half my holiday in some beach bar, I love having all that time for walking, exploring, resting and reading.

  5. This takes me back to my first booze-free (and only so far) holiday to Noosa in August. I too truly appreciated the mornings. And yes, you are right about getting the end and feeling like you’d made the most of the experience, and really soaked it all in. That’s living! Well said Mrs D. You’ve summed it up perfectly. I’m off to a 40th birthday party in Melbourne this coming Saturday. A low key surprise lunch for my best mate. I’m looking forward to it already, and to coming home on Sunday feeling fresh and clear-headed….

  6. I have just had my first overseas holiday totally sober and it was so good!! I thought the plane would be tricky as that has always been a time that a glass or two of wine makes the thought of hurtling thru the air above the clouds in a tin can fade somewhat, but it was all fine and as you say so good to really taste all the food and experience all the new sensations in the raw!!

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