Sober is Good (Guest Post)

Friday 7 Jul, 2017, 2:55pm by Mrs D 17 comments

This guest post comes from our much treasured member @prudence who has worked through some tough circumstances recently including the death of a close friend and moving house. She regularly shares with us all the goings on and the ups and downs of her life in recovery, never sugarcoating things or pretending things are great when they’re not. What I love most about our @prudence is that she always comes back to the fundamental truth that the  upsides of being sober far outweigh any downsides.  Below is what she shared in the Members Feed one morning last week after she woke up in her newly built home.


@prudence: Good morning everyone. Not a lot to report. Gave myself the day off yesterday and it turned out real sunny and was just gorgeous here, a lovely lazy self indulgent day just soaking up the peace, and all the effort it has taken to be in this place in my life. 

Sober is good.

Sober makes everything possible.

Sober we are motivated and capable and courageous.

Sober we are more generous, more giving of ourselves, more compassionate, more loving, more wise and more kind.

Sober we still struggle, we sometimes feel more alone.

Sober we overcome the stuff that troubles us because sober we are capable of rational thinking at all times.

Sober we give ourselves the chance to live a life we can feel proud of, and we give those who love us someone to look up to and someone they can count on, always.

Sober is hard sometimes, real hard.

But sober is always worth it.

Let’s all Stay Sober.

Happy Days My Tribe xoxo


  1. Hey all! My name is Christopher and I’m actually partnered with a company called Sober Grid. It’s an app that, like this site, connects like-minded people together through location services to get together for social activities and support! I thought this would be a great place to introduce us as Hello Sunday is very similar! Follow us on instagram at @sobergrid or on Facebook as well!

  2. Great, uplifting post Prudence!! I love that line, ‘Sober makes everything possible’. Sometimes it feels like my life hasn’t changed radically since I’ve stopped drinking, but I am often filled with the feeling like everything is possible, that my life is much larger in my own mind. Rather than the awful cycle of obliteration followed by bad hangovers that last for days. Here’s to the good life! : )

    1. The good life indeed JM. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like much has changed but the changes are so subtle they are easily missed. Especially if you weren’t a total train wreck when drinking. I wasn’t either. But the best changes are internal, as in how we feel about ourselves, as well as general health and wellbeing. It is so freeing to be rid of that black cloud of guilt, of knowing that I had a problem and not wanting to face it. Plus it’s so fine to not ever have that requirement to go to the bottle shop, stock up, think about when to start, when to stop, how much to consume, how much nonsense was spoken, how crook the next day, it is just great being sober, that’s all xo

  3. Thanks Prudence, I needed that tonight. My calendar reads 972days and I’ve saved just over $11,000. I’m very proud of my sobriety and thankful that when I feel a little overwhelmed or the urge to be reckless returns I just have to check in and I’m instantly reminded why I made this discussion to be alcohol free. X Yikes

    1. Yeah to give in to those reckless feelings Yikes really would be throwing away so very much. 972 days is amazing. We all have moments of reckless longing. To give into them would absolutely change our lives completely.

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