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Getting through wine o’clock

July 24, 2014 828 comments

Late in the afternoon is often the hardest time. How do you get through the witching hours without drinking?

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  1. I am hooked on wine, the last 6 months a bottle a night. If I have 3 glasses I tell myself that I’m doing better. I will take a swig in the afternoon at home just for the taste. I realize know that my brain is craving the wine, which makes it hard to control, even when I know in my heart that I don’t want to drink this much, I cave in. I consider myself active, athletic, and into healthy eating. But I know I am fooling myself since I have gained 15 pounds. I’m hoping this site sill help me out. It’s been good to read about others who struggle, and how strong you have to be to get over the “wine witching hours.” So, here I go, I’m jumping on the wagon for the sake of my physical and emotional health and my for my wonderful family.

  2. Never thought I would find myself looking for support to stop drinking wine but here I am. I’ve had a lot of bereavement over last 3 yrs first my husband then my dad and recently my mum. Feel so alone and the only thing that has helped me cope is the wine. I know this is not the answer but I can’t seem to stop permanently. I recently went 8 weeks sober and thought I could go back to “social drinking” but I can’t. Back to where I was before ….probably worse if I’m being honest ! For people out there who have stopped don’t go back there it’s just not worth it. I am planning to stop again and know next time has to be for good. Sober Life is so much better so hang in there everyone.

  3. Day 9 or 10. Rather mixing together at this point. So… if I have one drink like a normal person & stop; no binging; does that count as falling off the wagon. Ughhhhh.

  4. Day 7. Wine witch is messing with me daily. Just have to play the story through. The morning I would be so sad if I gave in. Look no forward to the day the wine witch is weak and beaten!!!

  5. Hey all, just started this little journey. Trying to minimize a little as I read, there isn’t anything productive about shaming yourself into a pit of despair. “I can do this, not that big a deal, there will be some hard things, but it’s gonna be okay!”

    Have not ever been daily drinker, 3 night a week binger. I would do 1/2 a pint over 6 7 hours, that’s 375 ml, 15 units. That’s alot of booze.
    Yeah just figured that out, it “looks” like such a little bit. Probably about 8 doubles…! Or the “big” bottle of wine…

    All crept up over the past few years. With pain, stress, health issues. Nice to just forget and not care for an evening.

    Question:. If not a daily drinker, trying to make sure I eat early – Do you think can I expect serious cravings? Anyone like me have experience and suggestions?

  6. I’m on day sick and my mind tells me that I can just have one glass on wine…but I know one will turn in a bottle or 2. Just crazy how our minds play tricks on us.

  7. Today is Day 1 for me. I am so anxious to be sober and stay that way. The first week will be awful but I am determined to get through it!

  8. Day 1 for me as well and really feel like I will drink when I get home and I don’t want to. I keep trying to get through three days but it never seems to happen. It is such a struggle and I can’t explain it to anyone around me. I can drink awhole lot and I know that is not normal and I know I need help but do not have the time. I am so glad there are others out there…what to do?

  9. Day 7… And now comes the torture. I feel meh-blah.. I am at that point where a drink or 2 would be nice… ugh. But I won’t. Have to figure out something to do besides clean the kitchen… alittle cranky today. BIG SIGH.. but I am determined.

  10. I just stumbled across this site… I’ve actually been sober for a little less than 2 years now and just wanted to send good vibes and let you all know it does get better. It gets easier. And life ends up better than you could have imagined! Best of luck, keep pushing through!

  11. I take it this is day 1 for you today? This is my day 1 too. I am known to drink 2.5 bottles of wine when I’m in a good house cleaning mood. Now I have had enough drinking, waking up with hangovers, dry mouth syndrome the list is endless. Time to step back take a good hard look at myself. I am so over drinking really! However, I know I can not do this alone. So if you don’t mind if this is your day 1 and mine, pretty much looking for support.

  12. I’m with you. Reading this site to prepare me for tomorrow. I’m amazed that the wine o’clock thing is an issue for so many people. Thought it was just me. 1 bottle of wine per night for most of the last 15 yrs.

  13. Made it thru Day 4. Was worried because it was payday
    Hung in there tho… seeing the $ saved def helps. Come on Day 5! We can make it thru the weekend sober.

  14. Hello All,

    Day 4, and miserable,. Sleeping with medication currently. I had had a minimum of 2 bottles of wine every day for over a decade. I didn’t loose a job, I didn’t loose a marriage and financially I somehow managed, though the latter was getting more challenging. In some way, if my life had crumbled, I almost feel this would be easier. But I made the decision for economic and health reasons to stop, My mind is now playing tricks but I will soldier on. I just wish I didn’t feel so low.

  15. Success on Day 3. Very shaky at certain points… tomorrow will be eventful. It needs to be without alcohol. And I’m anxious about the weekend & my coping skills. Meh…

  16. Into Day 3. Intense night sweating (still??) But at least midnight vs 2am+ with insomnia. Up early today for errands. I was being over confident yesterday. EVERY day is my danger zone… I like the toolbox calculating how much $ saved. A teeny push to remind me at my drinking hour…

  17. Day 2 a success. Abit frazzling & unnerving at one point… but I managed not to veer towards the liquor store. My eating habits are really messed up. I look like I eat pound cakes for meals but actually whenever I feel hungry, it usually means take a sip. Bloated is a whiskey curse I didn’t realize existed. In any case… looking forward to Day 3. And really writing in here each day to SEE it… I’ve been to other Days before. The danger within is that once I feel better, if temptation arises, I tell myself I can control it this time… my danger zones are later on.. I can not control it. And I am determined it will not have another chance of controlling me. Thank you for this site.