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Getting through wine o’clock

July 24, 2014 904 comments

Late in the afternoon is often the hardest time. How do you get through the witching hours without drinking?

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  1. First off, not having any temptations in the house is key! Changing up the routine also helps. I used to pour my first after work and then start preparing dinner. I try to do prep in stages – the night before, in the morning before work, so I’m not in the kitchen in that same routine being assailed by the witch!

  2. I always enjoyed having a glass of wine while preparing dinner too! Pouring that first drink after the work day was the transition from work to personal time for me. It’s been a struggle, I admit, but I’ve soldiered through and do what so many of you also do, have a nice mocktail in a fancy glass. I do find I’m always ‘preparing’ for what I’m going to drink! It takes a lot of preparation to stay on the sober road.

  3. Know what you mean. I’m 64 and have been drinking since teens. So sick of it. Have just done 35 AF days then caved. Very disappointing. Travelling overseas in 3 weeks for 6 weeks and don’t want to mess it all up. It’s such an evil curse. Physical changes when sober are good -sleep better, less bloating so why is it so hard?

  4. Yeah, I noticed since I turned 61 that drinking makes me age faster. Now I am 66 and it shows under the my eyes and on my lids the most. Hard to sleep as well. I have to stop with my glasses of wine each night. I did that b/c everyone says how red wine is good for you, and then one glass went to two glasses and now more. Now that I noticed a physical change, that is what made me want to give it up completely.

  5. For me waking bright eyed makes for a long day to stay occupied. Open to all ideas to harness positive thoughts and keep myself out of trouble.

  6. Hiya it is bloody hard i have begun my journey of booze free haven’t been too successful keep falling off but I keep coming back because i want to stop boozing every night. I want to feel the feelings of being sober every day and deal with raw emotions that mrs d writes about in her book. I haven’t had the greatest of sleep I’ve only been sober 2 nights. But hey what the hell 2 nights without a hangover the next morning. Bloody bladder working overtime during the night probably cleaning out toxins. Stay strong lets keep the lines of communication open.

  7. Day 1 again oh how many times i have been here. I’m really tired of fighting booze. How come its so hard its only booze and yet i let it control me. I drink i don’t have a good sleep tired all day headache as by 4pm I’m fine again. The cycle begins. Love this site

  8. Whatever it takes! I’m on the sparkling water also, in the past when I’ve quit I tried na Beer and honestly that’s not the answer for me, heck I’d drink 12 of them. I’ve made it 6 months before and let it back in but for me it doesn’t change, only gets worse. I’m going to battle this demon, I will win and I hope you do too

  9. Whaaha ! ‘ wine o’clock ‘ perfect terminology. I’ve got something to giggle about when I catch myself doing the wine-dream at 5:30. Y’all are great.

  10. Tomorrow will be day 30 for me also. Will be my 4th time quitting. I have to do this to better my life for me and my kids. The ups and downs are manic. Feels so good then 4pm hits then it’s a struggle until late evening

    1. Me too Brad, I gotta do this for my kids as well. I don’t want them to use alcohol to enjoy or get through life like me. Day 30 is awesome. I’m day 22. Try to remember why your doing this and like Mrs d says visualise the next day and how good you’ll feel. I’m tryna do that. But yeah evenings are hard specially when my hubbys having a few and I’m bored and irritated. I drink sparkly grapetise in a new wine glass I bought specially. Drink something similar in a similar vessel see how that works. I hear ya mate!!

  11. Day 1 & I feel ok. Have had 2 weeks off work – had terrible symptoms, could not eat for 8 days, dryretching etc. have never felt so bad. Went to a dr a few days ago & told the truth. I was drinking one to 2 bottles every night & more on the weekend…drinking during the day & also scotch on the rocks. I have been pushing friends away & lost my zest for life. I’m trying all the help I can get & will try hypnotherapy tomorrow. I have a few times to quit before, but this is it.

    1. I hear you, at my worst that is me too – at my best a week or two off but the detox is like having the flu plus exhaustion plus mood swings… hard to understand why we go back for more! I’m trying to attack the beast from all angles…life coach, naturopath, meditation courses, yoga – whatever it takes…I try not to beat myself up when I slip backwards but it’s is hard.
      Stay strong and focused. I’m interested to hear how the hypnotherapy goes…

  12. I have a 7 year old! But seriously that works both ways, need a release have wine, need to be present, don’t have wine. I usually have a snack, I know replacing one with another and all that but at least I don’t want a drink. Sunny afternoons are the trigger though. Man what’s with sun and booze? Sun comes out, that already makes you happy vitamin d and all that jazz then we want another hit of the fun buzz. I’m actually looking forward to beating that and just enjoying my soda water with flavoured syrup. Pretty sure I’d choose better music too without the booze in me, at our summer party’s. Win-win I say

    1. I’m afraid of summer too. Good vibes plus alcohol equals better good vibes doesn’t it??….no not really. Fir me it means drinking way too much, my kids seeing me pissed, not being present with them on that fine day, waking up feeling like shit and the biggest fir me is bloody guilt, guilt, regret and you know the rest…isn’t that why we’re tryna stop??…..for me anyway. Well done on your journey….your winning!!!!!!!!! Bring on summer?? Lol…we can do it!!!

  13. I live in New York and am always in a busy and also affluent part of the city around the witching hour. So I daily find myself walking past window after window through which I see handsome people chatting and smiling over that first full glass of wine. And even after 4 and a half terrific sober years, I still find myself thinking “Poor me!! Why can’t I do that any more?” And I find it best to remind myself that feeling like this is normal for an ex-drunk, and it’s familiar to me–and it WON’T corrupt my sobriety. It’s a feeling I know and I know it won’t weaken me. And I like seltzer water, and you can buy a bottle of seltzer every 10 feet in NY. Just knowing I’ve had these witching hour feelings for 4.5 years, and knowing I can probably expect them forever, and knowing I”m already used to them, helps a lot. So I hope this helps any new sober people who think the witching hour is just for newbies–it’s not at all, and it will be a nuisance you will get used to. And look at all the people who are ready to help you get through it!

  14. Late afternoon is REALLY tough…I try to stay busy. I will lift weights. Go for a walk. Clean my car. Water my garden. Meditate. Focus on whats st stake if I drink even 1 drink…