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Getting through wine o’clock

July 24, 2014 748 comments

Late in the afternoon is often the hardest time. How do you get through the witching hours without drinking?

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  1. After being sober a few days now, the sleeping nights are so restful and rejuvenating. The anxiety is far less than it used to be. Blood pressure is starting to normalize after the wild swings. A relaxing feeling is the best feeling.

  2. Im on day 3 today its been a very long time since ive gone more than a day without. So glad to know theres others out there in the same boat im finding the head addiction the hardest def staying busy is helping. Good luck

  3. My longest sober stretches getting through wine o clock were about staying hydrated. Not getting hungry. Not isolating and keeping my thoughts in perspective to stop spiralling. x

  4. Today is the first day in a long time I am going to bed sober, I am feeling excited about moving forward without awful alcohol in my life, I also say things I regret when I’ve been drinking and don’t want to do it anymore, they say it takes 40 days to break a habit which really is not a long time, one day at a time and prayer is so important for total healing, one step at a time we can all get through this we can start by trying and remember you are not alone millions are fighting addition try someone close to you that can help motivate you, stay away from negativity and bad thoughts focus on the good around you

  5. keep coming here. I have been on and off this site since it started.the longest I have stayed sober was 1 year, but I keep coming back and keep trying . I’m 3 weeks sober now and feeling strong .good luck

  6. This is my 1st day on this sight.
    I am an everyday drinker. And I drink a huge amount everyday.
    I am ashamed of myself, I have put on 30kg in the past few years (all sugar) from alcohol.
    I am treating my loved ones badly when Ive had too many
    I have really bad anxiety
    I have negative thoughts
    I cry a lot (like as Im writing this)
    All of my friends, family and household are drinkers and I dont know what to do about this…
    I need to stop drinking as Im scared its going to kill me, and hope that this sight may help a bit

  7. I tell myself that there are 24 hours in the day, and its actually only 4 hours of that day that I used to drink, so in the first week I just told myself “all you have to do is get through 5-9pm and then you’ve made it!”
    I try to eat close to when i get home, because I always found that I delayed eating so I could drink more and I used to eat around 8.30pm. Now I try and eat before 6.30pm, even if I have to buy dinner.
    I make myself a refreshing cool drink of soda water and a bit of cranberry juice with ice and sip it.
    I read as much as I can about other peoples successful sober stories, because it reminds me that this is what I really really want and that the pain I experience now in the beginning won’t last forever and that I will never regret being sober in the long run!
    I try to go to bed early and feel grateful for mostly good night sleeps and guilt free wake ups in the morning!

  8. Thank you all for great tips! I made it through Day 1, barely! I did the New York Times Crossword and baked a batch of Bulletproof brownies. Also going to bed at 8:30, but, hey, whatever works, right?

  9. My strategies for getting though the witching hours:
    -have lots of non-alcoholic drink options on hand (fizzy waters, soda, teas, coffee, hot chocolate)
    -keep commitments to a minimum, to reduce stress
    -switch up the routine (I used to drink wine while preparing dinner in the kitchen by myself… now I either cook in the morning and heat it up later, or order take out or eat out, so I’m not in the kitchen for an hour alone)
    -listen to sober podcasts and read sober blogs
    -go to bed as early as possible
    -wake up sober and ENJOY the day!! Rinse and repeat. =)

    1. love these strategies and really relate to cooking and drinking especially after got little one to bed and then I felt I could eat myself and had earned my drinks. So now I’m eating with him and going to bed more or less with him! X

  10. hi, if we lived close by I would come over. sometimes it takes someone to see you and hear you.
    I can’t do this by myself. recently I had my son come over and help me.
    I am ashamed and scared but the obsession with alcohol continues.
    I wish we lived close by.

  11. Today is my first day on the sight. I need others that are on the soberity rollercoastal. Everyone around me drinks even at home. I can’t get away from it. My husband is “perfect” and doesn’t no wrong and all the drinking and going to bars isn’t going to stop with him. I stay home, I write A LOT. I’m not working right now due to breaking my foot at work and because of not healing and 3 surgeries at the tine I lost my job back in August of 2017. I just had a 4th surgery March 5, 2018. I want no pity, but I have been having major breakdowns lately and am in need of breakthroughs.

  12. So it’s witching hour now!! Don’t actually feel like a drink but this time last week after a hell day of travel disruptions and some emotional upheaval due to some family stuff and my decision to stop drinking I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a gin. So I phoned friend and had a lovely chat while sipping a yummy iced tea and treating myself to a lovely sunset. I think the key for me is to replace that gin or big glass of chardonnay with something a little bit indulgent. The ritual of making iced tea is really quite nice and I feel like I’m doing something really nice for myself.

  13. Today is Day 1 sober. Last night I binged on rum & pepsi. It used to be 1-2 bottles of wine but now it’s the hard stuff. 2-3 shots per drink. I’ve blacked out several times, soaked the bed because I wouldn’t wake up and go to the bathroom, I’d have conversations with my husband or kids and not remember a thing the next morning … It’s taken me a long time to finally acknowledge that,yes, I’m an alcoholic and I need to stop today and for the rest of my life. I’m scared but determined. Absolutely no self-pity. In search of encouragement I found this site. I’m so grateful for all your wonderful sharing. Its comforting to know that I’m not alone.

  14. I find the moment I get in my car at the end of a busy working day. The thought goes through my head everyday like clockwork “I’d love a glass of wine when I get home” in reality I don’t just have one. I have the bottle. I make a conscious decision everyday to drive straight home and not go to the shops. Once I’m home I’m safe. I pour myself a orange and soda. I toast to my husband that I got through the drive home. Everyday like clockwork. He makes me accountable. Which means I have to keep going and I’ll toast everyday to remind myself I’m in recovery and have to keep going.

  15. Fill your head with as much info about not drinking. Read online sites and listen to podcasts about becoming alcohol free. Remember a thought is just a thought and when that urge comes know this….if you can ride it for 20 minutes it will go. When I say ride it I mean notice it . Acknowledge it. Do something else. Bath. Cup of tea. Walk . Run .lie down with yourlegs in air (recognised method to change mood) recognise thought has gone. We live in an ever changing world everything passes. Thoughts about drinking included. Meditate . Love yourself . Those are my thoughts

  16. You are in the right place! Keep posting and looking for support here and at other similar websites. And make yourself a wonderful drink of seltzer and fruit juice and sit and savor! Let the craving pass…

  17. I’m new to this and having had many failed attempts before I find late afternoon the hardest part to get through. It’s the voices in my head that seem to take over my thoughts and before I know it I’ve got a drink in my hand. Trying again to be sober – day 1 and hoping that I’ll get through wine o clock today.

  18. Wanting to take the first step. I keep saying I’ll cut down. I’ve been successful in the past. The first day alcohol free, seems the most daunting …. I’ve cut down successfully before, but it creeps up on me again …. it’s been a long time since I’ve had zero alcohol. I want to achieve an alcohol free day. In my mind at the moment, I still want to limit my alcohol intake, but I know deep down it probably won’t be an option for me

  19. I just try and keep busy. I am one of those people who have a hard time relaxing. A glass of wine was a good way for me to sit and relax. Then I would sit all night! So I guess I still struggle with the relaxing part, but I sure am enjoying all the other parts of my life. I am not skipping past them via a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

  20. 6 days has been the longest without wine, very hard to stop when family , friends and even your kids school meetings are in a bar.
    I love the taste of wine in my mouth and the relax feeling, but as a single mother I know I have to be always there and available,wine has been my break but is a bad one..is not helping me or my family, I wanna quit, but is more than a drink..

  21. While Looking for support, wisdom and strength I found this website. I’m in trouble. Last night had 5 drinks , thought I was fine…. dizziness, nausea, blacked out, and seizures, woke up with my husband very scared holding me. I hope this scares me enough to stop alcohol for good this time. I hope it scares others enough to find their inspiration/ motivation also.

  22. Change up the routine in that time frame: exercise, go for a walk, think of some activity that you’d like to start up. For me, going home is the ‘wine o’clock’. I cannot avoid going home, but I can move forward with a plan. Then a nice refreshing beverage with dinner. Look forward to your bed and your jammies. And most of all look forward to a clear morning!!

  23. Check in with yourself; HOLTS……hungry, angry, lonely,tired, stressed.. whatever it is address it then talk to someone. Pick up the phone but don’t pick up a drink.

  24. I find having an ice-cream, small amount of chocolate, with a black coffee right after dinner, helps me get through that urge. I wouldn’t normally have had a sugary treat as wine was my go to, but I figure if it breaks the wine habit then I can cut down to just the coffee once I’m over the hardest bit. Later on in the evening I’ll have a Rose Tulsi tea (has anyone else tried this?? It’s a very nice tea that also calms nerves). I try to think past the rush I’m after in the present moment, and to think about the proud feeling I have at the end of the night going to bed sober.

  25. Thank you Patch for giving me some hope that I will be ok, because I really feel quite scared that I won’t be able to do this, but at the same time its true that I have never really truly made the decision to be a non-drinker (Craig Beck style). However I did make that decision yesterday with a raging hangover and associated anxiety and normally would have had a drink (many) to ease it, but it was a simple decision not to do this. Today is day 2. I am planning long walks with friends and yoga in the evenings and listening to podcasts and reading blogs. I am so looking forward to ‘loving it’ as you are, and this helps me see me that I can. Stay tuned!