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Managing Feelings

August 8, 2014 214 comments

Sometimes Sober Treats don’t cut it and we need some deeper techniques to get us through. What do you do in times of extreme emotional pain or stress?

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  1. This is my 1st post – last night I drank way too much wine ( again) in the company of people I have only known a short time. I woke this morning to find I have no underwear on but am fully clothed. I’m disgusted with myself I have no idea what happened. I can only presume that the women I was with undressed me. I have to stop drinking now ! Scared and embarrassed

    1. I am sorry that happened.. I have had black outs too..
      Best thing to do is forgive yourself and start a sober day today is a new day, wipe the slate clean and start again. HUGS..

  2. It feels good to wake up with a clear head today and to be back home with my family. I have a long road ahead but good plans in place now to tackle this toxic substance that has consumed over half my life. Time to move forward :) Again I thank those of you who wrote such supportive messages before xx

  3. Hi, just wondering has anybody done the “BRIDGE” programme? if so can you tell me what you thought of it? would you recommend it? any info good or bad I would love to hear your thoughts on the programme and if you think it is worth doing. cheers

  4. Bundle my 2 golden retrievers in the car and drive to the Resevoir so they can have some fun and exercise and me fresh air and grateful for the lovely nature that surrounds me…..something I used to take for granted before I was banned from driving for 4 years …..this simple act keeps me focused on the here and now…..not the past which is so destructive……

  5. My feelings always seem to take me down, I have lost my independence and I know it is my own fault. I really want this to end and I committed to doing this.

  6. @felix I was thinking the same thing…. As I listened further I think she was referring to how we “think” alcohol makes us feel. Or what we think it does for us. Eg. One attachment might be – I cannot relax without alcohol. When I thought about how I would feel if I didn’t have this thought process…. It gave me a sense of freedom and release.
    I’m really new here, so I may have all this wrong.
    I’ve just finished Jason Vales book. Kicking The Drink Easily. It is an amazing read and helped me turn all of the attachments I have to alcohol completely on their heads! Best wishes. BARnone

  7. Hi all…still getting used to this…I’m new here and also seeking outside help. So I went to CADs today and did an assessment and they’ve referred me to an 8 week programme…the name of the programme has just slipped my mind and I feel like an idiot right now. but anyway..just wanting to know who here has undergone a programme with CADS- what are your thoughts on it and did you stick with them after the programme?