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Reading Material

August 4, 2014 423 comments

What are the the books, blogs, articles and other links that have helped you in recovery?

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  1. My first books that got me through this sober life of 46 days was Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray and Glass Half Full by Lucy Rocca. I am in the middle of This Naked Mind by Annie Grace and also Mrs D is Going Without which got me onto this site. I have found these books to be my friends over this initial sober period and made me realise what I am gaining instead of what I am giving up. Complete shift in thinking, so positive in really seeing the benefits of this sober life and really seeing what alcohol was doing to my life and my poor brain. Such humour and humility, I have loved every page and each page has got me stronger and stronger.

  2. 1. ‘This naked Mind’ by Annie Grace – currently listening to the audiobook on audible.

    2. hipsobriety.com – I am currently on week 2 of the 8 week Hip Sobriety School, I also received a scholarship for this course, this can be applied for once you join the waitlist and start receiving emails etc.

    Here is Hip Sobrietys 15 essential books to build a holistic recovery: http://www.hipsobriety.com/home/2016/2/19/the-hip-sobriety-booklist-1-the-11-essential-books-on-n6syb

    2. lauramckowen.com https://www.lauramckowen.com/

    4. Laura and Holly also have a podcast called HOME, you can listen to free here https://soundcloud.com/thisishomepod

    5. Join the sobersphere on Instagram and follow all the kickass sober warriors like Laura and Holly for daily inspo.

    4. ‘Chasing the Scream’ by Johann Hari – this booked changed everything I thought I knew about alcohol and drugs.

    6. Slowly reading my way through ‘A Course in Miracles’ http://acim.org/

    5. Looking forward to reading ‘Nothing good can come from this’ by Kristi Coulter, Finding Joy by

  3. I listened to it as well just on audible. I hope it works. feeling like there is more to the little monster though than they make out. ie you feel tired etc when you stop drinking.

  4. I reread Allen Carr’s book for alcoholic woman this past weekend. I feel empowered. This is not an easy time to be a woman and we need to stay strong.

  5. OMG….just seen all my replies to my own ‘wrong post’ – didn’t think they had come up … gawd..admin, feel free to delete some…. awkward….!! (last post…promise..)

  6. I posted the wrong link and it won’t let me change it – but you can find my Sober Doodles on my I.G account which is @soberdoodles

  7. Yes Allen Carr in my opinion is a genius and the one who started the whole approach to quitting not using willpower. His books on smoking and drinking truly changed me. I’ve read others since and The Naked Mind is great but a lot of it is based on Allen Carr’s ideas – which is fine and she refers to him etc. Plus I like how she (Annie grace) goes deeper and explains the science of what happens to the brain on alcohol. Very eye opening.

  8. Very excited that after a long wait, Kristi Coulter has released her book ‘Nothing Good Can Come from This.’ It features her essay ‘Want Not’ which was what started to challenge my ‘drinking thinking’ last year! She is a beautiful writer with wonderful insights…

  9. To date Ive found Kevin O’Hara, Alcohol Mastery videos very useful. I’ve just listened to the utube content and not registered for the mastery course however. The free videos alone have been very helpful.

  10. “Understanding and learning from relapse” by Stan West. It looks at relapse : why it happens and getting past it. It explains all about triggers and cravings. There’s a free download free on the “Lying Minds” website: https://bit.ly/2OObvs3

  11. “Alcohol lied to me” by Craig Beck. He also has some good YouTube videos as “The stop drinking expert” Helped me reframe my thinking about alcohol and made me realise that it is actually a highly addictive poison that is attractivly packaged and marketed to get me hooked on buying it over and over again. Once I understood this I could rationally make a decision not to consume it anymore. It’s been over a year since i stopped drinking and now see alcohol and the alcohol industry in a whole new light and would never go back to it.

  12. I find that some books on alcoholism get too bogged down with the negative aspects. Alternately I really liked the positive messages in ‘ The Unexpected Joy of being Sober’ by Catherine Gray.

  13. We know that a car can’t run on soy milk, or on vinegar. Likewise, if our hearts are meant to strive with love and honesty, why did we feed it with the ephemeral lies of the alcohol? Just some food for thought. x

  14. My favourite book on alcoholism at the moment is ‘The Naked Mind’ unlike many others books on this subject, it’s very positive and full of lots of interesting research.

  15. I recently read “The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath” by Leslie Jameson. It is part memoir and part biography of famous writers/singers who struggled with addiction. I found Ms. Jameson’s story riveting but I skipped through some of the biographies when they felt tedious to me.. The author also gives an exhaustive account of Bill W. and the founding of AA. Overall a good read.

    1. That was a good article Mrs D ….very encouraging when you hear someone who drank 2-3dozen a day stop….those urrrrrrgessss though ….sigh :-(