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Drink Alternatives

July 24, 2014 212 comments

What do you like to drink in place of alcohol? Ideas will be drawn from this page to feature in our ‘Drink of The Week’ section.

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  1. I started drinking frozen coffee and all natural fruit juices…cranberry, grape, cherry, pear, carrott…I mix em with seltzers too

  2. I just discovered Private Selections Sodas. They come in beautiful dark, glass bottles & have fun flavors. I found them at Kroger on sale for $1/bottle. Normally, they were around $1.50/bottle.
    The flavors are: Bourbon Barrel Cola, Irish Cream Soda, Creamy Ginger Root Beer, Hopped Grapefruit Cream Soda, Huckleberry Hibiscus Cream Soda, & Peach and Black Pepper Soda

    Amazon has them, too.

  3. In a wine glass, mix Cran-Grape juice & Coke. I used diet versions of both. It makes a deep, red wine color and tastes great (in my opinion). I watched a show (Real Housewives of New Jersey) where they mixed red wine & Coke. I got the idea from there.

  4. I have loads of organic dried rosemary that I’ve been trying to use. I don’t know what I was thinking when I purchased it.
    I heated some water, steeped a tea ball filled with rosemary, added a splash of lemon juice & some stevia drops. Quite tasty. I added some cold water since I wasn’t in the mood for hot liquids.

  5. I was just thinking about purchasing some juniper berries to add to tonic water or diet Sprite. Kind of like a mock gin & tonic. I wonder if that would work. Probably would have to muddle the berries a little to get that gin taste & aroma. Sounds lovely & would be a pretty drink with the berries in it. I’m not too into gin, but it sounds like a good substitute at the moment.

    Google says juniper berries have some benefits:
    -Relieve oxidative stress and help prevent disease.
    -One major benefit of juniper berries is the antioxidants they contain. …
    -Natural antiseptic. …
    -Improves skin conditions. …
    -May help improve digestion. …
    -Aids restful sleep. …
    -May be useful against certain cancers. …
    -Good for the heart.

  6. Muddle mint and frozen blueberries add 3/4 seltzer and 1/4 sweet lime juice add lime twist and a few more frozen blueberries…enjoy!

  7. I’m Alcohol free 10 months.
    I don’t do mocktails or AF beer very often anymore.
    Sometimes a treat on the weekend.
    I don’t even wish I could drink real stuff that infrequently.
    However, I found a brand of AF spirits that I bought for curiosity sake.
    ArKay. I’ve tried the AF tequila, kinda odd, but ok w mixer.
    The rum is tasty in a tropical drink.
    The gin is ok, I like it better then Seedlip.
    I’ll probably buy the rum again , I like the flavor.
    Be careful when drinking substitutes like this, they could be a trigger.

  8. I love peach and pineapple cold brew tea, I have it in a big wineglass with ice cubes and mint leaves. Easy to prepare in the morning, I keep a big jar in the fridge so it is nice and cold when I get home from work!

  9. It’s all about switchel. It’s a drinking vinegar mixed with raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, distilled water, raw, unfiltered honey, and a massive amount of fresh grated ginger. Shake it up, let it sit overnight, strain it, and serve it with a bit of fizzy water over ice. Soooo refreshing!

    1. YES! I just discovered vinegar drinks a few nights ago and as nasty as it sounds, it’s so worth a try if you are sick of lemonade and ginger beer.

      Note 1: It takes some experimenting to find your preferred portions.
      Note 2: there are lots of recipes online; drinking vinegars are often called “shrubs.”
      Note 3: there is some evidence that small amounts of vinegar may slow digestion and make you feel full longer. (in a good way)

      Many recipes call for grating and soaking and stirring and filtering, etc, and if you’re into that, awesome! I’m lazy though, so I just mix a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar in an 8oz of cold fizzy water, with sugar or syrup to taste (try specialty syrups like rose cardamom, or hibiscus). For me, it almost exactly replicates the refreshing zing of a cold glass of white wine on a warm summer evening. Balsamic vinegar with sugar/syrup comes sorta close to a bad red wine. :) I’ve yet to try champagne vinegar or any wine vinegar, but I’m optimistic…I think the only type that’s too strong to use in drinks is straight white vinegar.

      Have fun experimenting!

  10. I’ve recently discovered jalepeno limeade! Mixed 1/2 & 1/2 with fizzy water (hooray for Soda Streams!) it makes a great evening drink with a little bit of a bite to it. Ginger beer and kombucha are also good, and I have lavender dry soda in the fridge but haven’t tried it yet. I appreciate all the suggestions for things other than tea because as much as I like all the varieties, it’s a daytime drink for me, and I have bad associations from past attempts to quit when I’d drink like 5 teas a night and get sick of it. I want a cold carbonated beverage with a kick to it! Also excited to try lemon/lime cucumber fizzy water.

  11. I named my fave drink a “Pink Flamingo”….. Ice in a glass, shot of lite Cranberrry juice, top up with soda water and a glug of lite lime juice….Delicious and so refreshing and best of all – low sugar as the juices are sweetened with Stevia.

    1. I agree with John’s post —- if you’re a “real” alcoholic like I am you don’t want mock any kind of cocktail or old behavior/habits. As alcoholics we don’t to be any near beer or anything of the sort.

      Remember all we have to change is everything.

  12. I avoid any mixer drinks such as coke, L&P, lemonade etc because if the strong connnations to active drinking. Also I can almost “taste” the booze. Cold water & lemons may favourite & no sugar!

  13. I drink ginger beer at party settings and people think it’s beer so it eliminates the questions. It feels less awkward than a water bottle. I am surprised how many people don’t notice my not drinking because it felt like who I was.

    1. I have recently been introduced to ginger beer, I really like it! I should keep some in the house.

      I get the feeling eating Reese’s Piece instead of drinking is a bad bad idea.

  14. I’m new to this great site, and wanted to share a recent discovery which is Seedlip – check it out online. It’s a no alcohol, no calories drink based on C17th herbal recipes, but now being properly marketed and increasingly distributed, although still early days. Basically think of treating it like gin, so as a basis for cocktails, or I love it simply with slimline tonic, ice and lemon. It has a great aroma and definite slight ‘kick’ which makes it a more interesting drink. I have started offering it at home to friends who are driving or pregnant (sadly I seem not to have non-drinking friends) instead of the ubiquitous and fattening elderflower presse and fruit juices I was over-indulging in in my early sober days (now ten months on…). Most have been impressed, and I really think it could help people cut down as well as being for non-drinkers. It is pricey at around £25, but you get many drinks from one bottle (which also looks cool, like a funky spirit bottle). There are two varieties: herbal and spicey – I like both. The other issue is where to get it: I found it in the fantastic local community shop in Semley, Dorset, and they have just started serving it in the local Forrestors’ pub (barmaid was bemused but intrigued); but for the rest of you it has hit the national press and I see you can order it online from Amazon and one or two other places, which I will try when my initial two bottles run out (all too soon)!

  15. Herbal teas are yummy but you know the story about too much of a good thing!
    Last night I was desperate not to go herbal tea route!
    All I had was a lemon lime bitters drink in the fridge.
    Popped that in my enormous old wine glass.
    Holds 500ml but that’s just one glass of wine you know!
    Threw in a big handful of frozen boysenberries, a couple of slices of lemon and cucumber.
    Absolutely delicious! Felt very treaty!

  16. I came here looking for mocktails, etc. and it’s about weed??? I was hooked on weed for 6 years and I ain’t going back. It messed me up and those years were a blur. Not jumping from one addiction to another! Plus it’s illegal in Oz and I’m too old to go to jail.

  17. I love the hopt range of drinks , my favourite is the lychee one, I take them to parties as you can drink more than one and the bottle is the same as beer so you get less cross examination about not drinking

  18. i bought a juicer and my fav is low sodium V8 or tomato to start then juice carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, mild mini sweet peppers and ginger. mix it all together and add key lime juice or lemon. i love leaving work and saying ” I’m going home to get juiced.”. the work it takes to juice distracts me when i first walk thru the door, which was when i grabbed my glass of wine.

  19. Kia ora all
    I have just joined your online community because I decided that I can not stop drinking without support. My counselor put me on to you and I am pleased that I was finally able to join after initial registration hassles. Thanks Lotta for sorting this out for me. Today is my first day of trying to stay sober. I realise this is a hard journey but it is the only journey I want to take at this stage in my life. I live with my partner, two cats and a rooftop beehive (currently hibernating), soon to be joined by a dog by the name of Lotti.
    I have been drinking for a few years now but this has recently snowballed after the death of my mother last year. Family feuds drove me nearly bananas and hence my drinking snowballed. I added whiskey to my daily wine intake and my doctors have commented on my raced Triglycerides. Scary!
    Well here I am and I am hoping to make many new friends who can help me to achieve my goal.
    Looking forward to go together on this journey.
    Kia kaha

    1. Tena koe Floyd, I hope you have stayed strong to the cause, just wanted to say that I am also new to the roopu and think it is great that we are all on this hikoi together.