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Drink Alternatives

July 24, 2014 212 comments

What do you like to drink in place of alcohol? Ideas will be drawn from this page to feature in our ‘Drink of The Week’ section.

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  1. I have found a fantastic and actually healthy non- alcoholic drink… the Indian Watermelon Mint.. It is watermelon, mint, rock salt, ice, and roasted cumin all blended up, and it is really delicious. I am not too exacting on measurements, but if you are, here is a link that gives a precise recipe for it, as well as other Indian drinks.


    Also, another drink that is great but not so healthy is Orange Creamsicle Punch. This is one bottle of ginger ale, one carton of orange juice (or pop), and a generous amount of vanilla ice cream all mixed together by hand in a bowl.. When you think of all the calories and sugar alcohol has, as well as the suppression of our ability to burn fat because of alcohol’s effect on the liver, Orange Creamsicle Punch is actually quite innocent. by comparison, not to mention very pretty to look at when the ice cream creates beautiful creamy swirls through the orange colour.

  2. have a care with the ginger beer – if the recipe has sugar and yeast and gets fizzy then you’re making alcohol. It will not be strong alcohol but just so you know.

  3. Well amazingly to me, yesterday I celebrated 3 full years since becoming alcohol free.
    I can honestly say alcohol rarely crosses my radar these days…(well apart from other people’s problem drinking that is!).
    .I spent most of yesterday returning home from beautiful Cape Verde where I had been on holiday with my husband
    .Sounds idyllic & it was for the first half of the holiday, then, emboldened by the ‘all inclusive’ bar,he turned into Mr Hyde.
    He has had a drink problem for as long as I have known him so this is nothing new ..but still shocking when verbal abuse is thrown at you. We had enjoyed a lovely meal to celebrate Father’s Day ( & incidentally 51 years to the day since we met as 17 year olds). I am unable to make him stop drinking I know but it was certainly a holiday of 2 halves

  4. I have a bottle of Charlies Raspberry & Lemonade which I mix with L & P. This is a thirst quencher for me. When I get a craving for alcohol I need to check first with myself if perhaps I’m hungry instead. Its usually the case, so I eat, then I have the above drink just before bed.

  5. My current thing is plain water with frozen blueberries. Stay hydrated and get some nice anti oxidants. Love to think of all you alcohol free folks staying well hydrated:).

  6. I like hibiscus tea with organic honey. Or any tea for that matter! Also started drinking hot cocoa mixed with French vanilla cappuccino (from gas stations) lol it has helped me with alcohol cravings… Also tried some v8 juices , carrot/mango was pretty tasty:)

  7. So far I have started to like habiscus tea with honey, Or any tea for that matter! Also enjoy French vanilla cappuccinos mixed with hot chocolate (from gas stations). Lol. Just tried out v8 mango carrot juice it was pretty good too.

  8. What with all the soda, sparkling water recipes?!? I don’t drink anything carbonated, don’t like fizz. If anyone has any drink recipes that don’t include this (besides smoothies), please post.
    Many thanks!

  9. I like to drink a cordial like raspberry and rose hip with fizzy chi water. You still have the pleasure of pour and mix and it tastes great. The bubbles are like tiny explosions of celebration every sip! Celebration that you can socialise with drinkers of alcohol. They soon forget your not drinking alcohol. (If there are any pushers or people that are threatened by you sobriety).

  10. Have y’all tried making ‘shrubs’? They are flavored vinegars that are popular with the cocktail mixing crowd, but they are great in club soda or Sprite. Many fruit, herb, vinegar combinations are possible.

    I made cranberry shrub for the holidays: 1 cup cider vinegar, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 2 cups fresh cranberries. Boil it all together until sugar is dissolved and the berries pop and start to break up. Cool the mixture overnight in the refrigerator. Strain the liquid and discard the fruit. You can add more sweet or sour to taste at this point. Blend with your favorite fizzy beverage.

  11. I was on a kombucha kick for a while but it kickstarted my wine cravings BIG time. Found out that it actually does have an alcohol percentage in it – some low and others high enough that certain brands have the 21 yr + age requirement to buy :(

  12. I’m lazy, so I just mixed some pineapple-orange-banana juice with club soda and put in lots of ice. It’s not as sweet as one might expect it to be. It’s delicious! Used just enough juice to give it a flavor and color.

  13. My son smokes and I am glad he does that instead of drinking alcohol. He was telling me the other day that his friends at college now binge drink, and told him that it so normal now to just throw up all the time. He told one guy “that’s really dangerous”! I know he smokes a couple times a week to relax and I’m ok with that. I wish it would become legal everywhere.

  14. 100% Cranberry juice with ginger ale and a wedge of fresh lime! Pour the cranberry juice over crushed ice in a tall glass, add the ginger ale on top, and then the lime wedge. The layers are pretty, and the lime is so fresh tasting with this combo!

  15. Hi

    I replaced alcohol with a lot of reading, physical exercise, spending time with my family, being present at my workplace, I quit smoking as well I still felt empty even after I quit drinking. I feed my brain with information as i couldn’t learn anything in my drinking and smoking times. I no longer internalise my thoughts and because of that I see things happening around me, I hear people talk, I think and talk less about the past, I am present and continuously improve myself.


  16. San Pellegrino, small bottles. Any flavour. They look cool when you are out and about at a barbecue etc and a lot of bars sell them. Yes expensive but cheaper than wine.

  17. Had this delicious mocktail at a burger joint on Labor Day – was delicious and not a sugar bomb:
    Joia Sparkling Orange, ginger beer, wedge of orange, sprinkled with cinnamon; served over ice.

  18. Fill glass with ice, add 2/3 Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water and add 1/3 Raspberry Lemonade, squeeze a wedge of lime into the drink. Voila…..everyone ends up wanting whatever I am drinking. The process of making it is inviting and it taste yummy.

  19. Kombocha – ancient chinese fermented tea recipe. . It has a tangy zesty flavour and a gentle natural fizz . I make my own with a culture bought from health good shop. A couple of green tea bags, plus some fruit or lemon tea bags, 1/2 cup sugar and the culture are what you need. One week later a gently fizzy, booze free zippy health drink.
    I love all these ideas. Lemon and rosemary are so good for your body on the post booze journey