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Drink Alternatives

July 24, 2014 226 comments

What do you like to drink in place of alcohol? Ideas will be drawn from this page to feature in our ‘Drink of The Week’ section.

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  1. Hi

    I replaced alcohol with a lot of reading, physical exercise, spending time with my family, being present at my workplace, I quit smoking as well I still felt empty even after I quit drinking. I feed my brain with information as i couldn’t learn anything in my drinking and smoking times. I no longer internalise my thoughts and because of that I see things happening around me, I hear people talk, I think and talk less about the past, I am present and continuously improve myself.


  2. San Pellegrino, small bottles. Any flavour. They look cool when you are out and about at a barbecue etc and a lot of bars sell them. Yes expensive but cheaper than wine.

  3. Had this delicious mocktail at a burger joint on Labor Day – was delicious and not a sugar bomb:
    Joia Sparkling Orange, ginger beer, wedge of orange, sprinkled with cinnamon; served over ice.

  4. Fill glass with ice, add 2/3 Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water and add 1/3 Raspberry Lemonade, squeeze a wedge of lime into the drink. Voila…..everyone ends up wanting whatever I am drinking. The process of making it is inviting and it taste yummy.

  5. Kombocha – ancient chinese fermented tea recipe. . It has a tangy zesty flavour and a gentle natural fizz . I make my own with a culture bought from health good shop. A couple of green tea bags, plus some fruit or lemon tea bags, 1/2 cup sugar and the culture are what you need. One week later a gently fizzy, booze free zippy health drink.
    I love all these ideas. Lemon and rosemary are so good for your body on the post booze journey

  6. I found on special a variety of infused soda waters from Scweppes. No sugar and very refreshing. I like the rasberry one. They are a bit expensive, but hey a couple of bucks instead of a $10 + bottle of wine, is looking good!

    Kombucha Kombucha Kombucha!!!!
    If you’re a fan of the apple cider vinegar drinks then you have to try kombucha!
    It sounds a bit complicated which put me off for a long time but its really easy. All you need is a scoby (thats a fungus type thing – ask at your health food shop), tea bags and sugar and thats it. It ferments – takes 10-14 days to brew – then you have this yummy fizzyish drink that tastes a bit like ginger beer mixed with coconut water and apple cider vinegar. It’s SUPER good for you too – full of probiotics for good gut health

  8. This is more up my alley I think! I am making this tonight!
    I got this from an amazing website called landsandflavors.com
    I think I just fell in love with the guy who owns this website
    I didn’t put the method cos it was very long but it was just called Non-alcoholic Gluwein

    2 cups grape juice
    1⅓ cups pomegranate juice
    ½ cup fresh orange juice
    ½ cup water
    zest of half an orange (use a vegetable peeler to remove strips)
    zest of half a lemon (same process as the orange)
    1 cinnamon stick
    4 cloves
    1 star anise
    1 bay leaf
    4g black tea or green tea, steeped in 1 cup hot water

  9. Found this when searching for a warming spicy “Gluwein” recipe.

    4 cups apple juice
    2 cups black tea
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 lemon
    1 orange
    1 cinnamon stick
    2 cloves
    Slowly heat the apple juice and tea in a pan.
    Squeeze the juice from the lemon and orange, keeping the peels.
    Add the lemon and orange juices, sugar, peels, and spices to the pan and heat without boiling (about 15-20 minutes).
    Carefully strain the mixture through a sieve and serve.

  10. Hey, did you know that Angosturos Bitters is about 40% proof alcohol?! A friend of mine thought she was doing well going alcohol free, but was Shaking loads of that into her lime & soda. When I read details on the bottle, we were both shocked. “No wonder I like it so much!” she said.

  11. I’m not sure if this drink is here or not, so forgive me if this is a repeat. I bought and electric juicer (I’m lazy) and made grapefruit juice and mixed is with orange flavored Perrier and a couple of lime wedges. It’s tasty! :)

  12. I’m trying to use this phase to visualize my body getting clean. I am going to drink lots of green tea and visualize my body repairing and rejuvenating itself.

  13. I drink water mostly. I treat myself to speciality coffees and teas too! If I go to somewhere other than a restaurant, I usually take a bottled water!

  14. With fizzy drinks being the new evil, I have gone back to barley water – chilled and kept in the fridge. At social events I just drink water and tell everyone I am driving.

  15. A handle or glass full of ice, soda water and Bundaberg lemon lime and bitters. Really refreshing on a hot day. Filled with Ice you’ll get 2 1/2 pints. I like ginger beer (Non alcohol) but I’ve heard it has more sugar than coke. Bitters probably loaded with sugar as well, hence soda water. Sprite Zero not bad.

  16. Pineapple juice with sparkling water (not too much), plenty of ice and deseeded long red chilli cut in half.
    It is very good. Bit of a zing.
    I am big on pineapple at present.

  17. Instant Ginger Beer

    4 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar
    1 Tbsp grated ginger
    2 Tbsp lime Juice
    2tsp Stevia
    1 L water or soda water

    Nom nom,just like the exploding stuff Mum made.

  18. Since I have to do sugar free, I have a glass of crystal light…if your stores don’t stock it, amazon.com sells it i several flavors. I used to put vodka in it so having a virgin crystal light helps me to not feel left out.

  19. For those that are brave, Zero-alcohol beer. It doesn’t matter how much you drink, you will just find yourself going to relieve the bladder often.

  20. I hosted a German themed dinner last weekend. To go with the sort of winter-y comfort food I mixed up a pot of mulled cranberry juice, and it was super-good:

    1.8 litres of cranberry drink
    2 cinnamon quills
    12 whole cloves
    Rind and juice of two oranges
    a teaspoon of vanilla
    half a cup or so of honey

    If I hadn’t been using the crockpot already I would have put it in there but I just simmered it away on the stove. It did need straining as I poured it for serving.

  21. I like to take a glass, put ice in it, sprinkle on powdered Ginger, then fill with Ginger Ale. Sometimes I also add Blackberry Ginger dark balsamic vinegar (about a teaspoon) to it. It is delicious, and festive, especially when it is hot outside!