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Sober Treats

July 24, 2014 207 comments

These are the little things that get us through the flat times. They may seem small but are very important and hugely powerful.

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  1. How about being honest ?
    I’m an alcoholic and cannot drink responsibly
    Or, I have an addictive personality and one drink will not be enough and I’m unsure when I will be able to stop, 1 day, 1 week, 1year I don’t really know so I’ll leave it this evening. But thank you for asking……
    Then look at the faces

  2. So this might sound a bit odd … but since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve really been enjoying dried fruit as a little snack/treat in the late afternoons as a little pick me up. Must be a sugar craving but the cherries are really good! :)

  3. No -Cook Ginger Slice (gluten,dairy &refined sugar free)
    2 Cups of unsalted nuts (I used almonds,cashew and Brazil)
    ! cup fresh dates (or dry soaked 15mins and drained)
    2 tbsp coconut oil (melted or soft)
    ! tsp ground ginger
    Process and then press into a lined swiss roll tin.
    Chill in the fridge while you make the icing
    3/4 C Soft or melted coconut oil
    1/2 C honey
    1/2 C cashew butter
    3 tsp ground ginger.
    Whizz up and smooth over with a wet knife or spatula
    store in an airtight container in fridge or freezer until ready to serve.

  4. I brought myself a `pandora’ bead saying `faith’ for my evolve (like Pandora) bracelet the other week, and this week a massage – yep i’ve gone all out, but don’t feel so guilty or would have spent it on wine anyway!

    1. That’s a lovely idea :-) my Pandora only has room for one more bead and it’s reserved for my grandson due in July. Will get his initial. Then I am going to start an Evolve bracelet.

  5. Searching the internet for nice recipes, making desserts, new little rituals like eating in the garden. Make simple stuff more fancy and luxurious, buying lovely fruits which i usually found too expensive in the past. Basically spoil yourself with lots of small inexpensive things.

  6. Each week that I stay ahead of the ‘fray’ (alkie), I put $30 in a jar. Each month, I now treat myself to a nice mani/pedi….SO RELAXING, and when they offer that complimentary glass of vino, I ask for water instead. I leave the salon hydrated and relaxed, with jazzy hands & feet! Fellow sojourners, treat yourself well, be good to yourself, be PROUD of your decision, and don’t let any slip-ups sink your sub…..carry on~!

  7. My sober treat has been a new skin care product each weekend. Something slightly expensive( saving so much money on the weekend not drinking!). People are telling me I look good lately. I like to think its a combination of no alcohol in my system and the new skincare products in my medicine cabinet:)

  8. Chia dessert or breakfast or snack
    I have a plan for sugar cravings. Got chia seeds? Shake them up in almond or coconut milk, throw in vanilla or favourite flavours, a bit of stevia, honey or coconut syrup, & voila, a gorgeous healthy treat to have with pure yogurt &/or cream, any fruits. Mixed with whipped cream & frozen berries, put in freezer, & voila, icecream, but with a powerful protein & nutrition hit. Love it

  9. Just thought I’d share this gorgeous, and it truly is gorgeous, mushroom soup recipe I made this week following a pretty bad stomach bug I had where i couldn’t eat anything solid, but this was a bit more filling than tinned soup so I gave it a go. At the end of the recipe, I blended the whole thing into a smooth soup rather than with the chunky mushrooms in but that was only because after putting the 2nd batch of flour in, there were lumps of flour i couldn’t get rid of. I didn’t think it needed the extra flour so may well be worth just leaving that bit out if you want it chunky. But it is still beautiful as a creamy soup so either way you want to do it will be great still.


    8 ounces fresh mushrooms
    2 tablespoons onions, chopped
    1 -2 garlic clove, minced
    2 tablespoons butter
    2 -3 tablespoons flour (separated)
    2 cups chicken broth
    1 cup light cream or 1 cup evaporated milk
    1⁄2 teaspoon salt
    1⁄4 teaspoon pepper
    1⁄4 teaspoon nutmeg


    Cut the mushrooms into slices.
    Melt butter in large frying pan. Add in onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Cook until onions are soft.
    Blend in 2 T. flour and stir.
    Add in the chicken broth and heat until slightly thickened while stirring frequently.
    Stir cream with additional 1 T. flour and seasonings. Add in cream to soup. Heat to thicken while stirring frequently.
    Serve and enjoy!

  10. I have discovered online jigsaw puzzles. I do small ones – 100 pieces – which gives me a 20 minute burst of pleasure. Doing doing jigsaws is apparently very good for getting both sides of brain to work together and producing good brain chemicals. I certainly find it very calming and there are so many beautiful pictures to choose from – like chocolates in a box!

    1. I’m going to try that. Lately, I’ve been playing this dumb-ass game named “Candy Crush”. It takes me to la-la’ville. Perhaps the jigsaw thing would be a little more appropriate, heh. xo

    2. I too recently discovered jigsaw puzzles. They are fun and quite satisfying. Glad to hear they are good for the brain. I do some word games too. I think the games may be addictive and I’m okay with that.

  11. My two eldest kids (10 and 8) have to read every day for school and I have to sign their diaries to say they’ve done so. So, we started a new little routine…. once the two babies are in bed, 7pm ish, I light candles in the living room while hubby and kids make hot choccie, then the four of us sit together in the living room, just for 20/30 minutes, reading our books and sipping our hot choccie. I absolutely love it. I’m ashamed to think that not so long ago I would be three quarters of a bottle down by that point.

    Long may my children humour me in this pleasure :)

  12. My treat came unexpectedly: to be fully present in the evening after 5:30–to walk dogs in cool evening, read a book and remember it, and not wonder who I emailed or texted in the morning.

    On a crasser note, calculated how much I spent in wine for a month and used it to buy an iPAD, with $ left over.

    1. Love the fact you bought an iPad. I’ m finding mine great at 3 am when I can’t sleep and log onto this site. I did Dry July last year and sponsored myself. Worked out what my alcoholic consumption would normally cost in a month and did something way more useful with the money. Been with out booze 5 days this time. This time think I’ll treat me. Thinking about a pair of winter boots, really expensive ones.

  13. My treat / reward for reaching Day 30 is a beautiful Bitossi ribbed glass tea mug ( with filter and lid) and a one cup stainless steel tea pot. Looking forward to trying out loads of new special teas – just for me!!

    1. lovely treat, Im going to buy a new tea pot with a internal tea leaf strainer and buy loose tea leaves, I might wait till Christmas as im hoping hubby will get me one x

  14. I’m trying to remember the things I like…..I have lost some of who I am in the fog I was in. Between being mum and wife, and hiding from myself by drinking – I’m really not sure who I am anymore. I know I am finding more pleasure in the simple, every day things. I hope that in time, I can be the person I am meant to be – whoever she turns out to be.

    1. Your comment really hit home. I’ve been trying to understand what it is I’m going through in terms of losing my old self and becoming my “new” me. I used to have FOMO (fear of missing out) but now I have JOMO (joy of missing out) as I’m really tuning into ME and luckily, I am really liking who I am. I have the patience and the gratitude to move forward with this new identity; healthy, strong, loving and hopeful.

    2. Wow That describes me too. I can’t remember all the little things I like…my life has been in a big fog. Im looking forward to find out who I really am without the booze :)

    3. I also identify with your comment. I’ve known for a while that I lost myself but didn’t connect it to my drinking. How’s that for denial. One more reason to quit.

    4. I know this is an old post, but, I am new to the site and your description is exactly one of the things that scares me about becoming sober…I have lived this way so long, I have forgotten who I am and even what I like…and what do you do with all of the time when you’d usually be drinking? I’d love to hear an update of how it looks to you now, further on. Thank you for sharing!

    5. Yes I too can really relate to what you are saying. I too had a persona that I feel was clouded by drink and all the carry on that went with that. Plus it lasted on and off for 3 decades! I find it weird getting to know myself. I also find it scary that I can’t blame my drinking/hide behind my drinking and have to deal with feelings that seem so raw!………happiness included. All power to you and you are not alone x

    6. I really relate to this comment so much of my identity was a party hard drinker. I was a guarantee for a party quite often by myself unfortunately, but like you I am finding simple pleasures wonderful! I am training hard and eating well and my mood has benefited 10 fold! I also am not sure where my new identity lies but I just know its not the big fat party guy anymore! Should I aim for a new persona or let one develop organically? whatever…i’ll be doing it healthy smile on my face.

      1. I’m only on Day 5 but I can really relate to this. Felt today that I’m not really sure who I am without the wine! The day is soo long – what did I used to do to fill up the time (for me, I mean – not for others like hubby and kids) before wine came along? But I’m looking forward to finding out and rediscovering or inventing a whole new me.

  15. Music!! I’m a music fiend now. I hook up my earphones to my phone and jam away while cleaning the house (hope no one EVER actually SEES this). I listen to the bubble hour while walking the dog….that’s a great treat. I listen to TED talks while walking the dog too. My dog is loving this! Treated myself to full body massage for reaching 30 days. Lots of baths, reading books, lunches with friends (never felt I could justify the cost/calories but SO great for the soul).

  16. Well I can afford (price wise and waistline wise) to have a lot more treats in general now. I love going out for a morning tea of lattes and cake and sitting in the sunshine watching my children play and laugh. I love going on shopping expeditions and buying clothes I like that fit since I’ve lost weight from not drinking. I love feeling full of energy and getting to regular gym classes that I really enjoy because I’m not hungover. I love waking up to a clear head- that in itself is a treat..when for so many years the opposite has been true! I love reading books again. I now take the kids out to all sorts of places I never did before..like the library, the park, and the market, because I am thinking of them instead of myself and my addiction. So then, my treat is seeing my children happy…I could not hope for anything more really! Feel so blessed to be sober and have my life back.

    1. I am 12 days sober and already I have a completely different contact with my children, like you say it’s about them and not me and my addiction….
      Lovely post..Thanks

  17. I am reading Allen Carr’s book on alcohol and “The Signature of All things”; having hot chocolate in the evening while watching ONE episode of a series I follow instead of 4 while smoking and drinking…; Taking hot baths while reading and listening to music. AND every now and then, reminding me of the money I save.

  18. Being sober, Ive remembered the person I was before I started drinking. Ive rememebered the things I used to enjoy; reading, eating, watching a movie (and remembering the ending!), writing, painting my toe nails, crosswords, helping my kids with their homework, buying jewelry, writing a diary, burning incence, making photo albums, walking in the sunshine, me time – too name just few! I relize now how alchol was just stripping me bare of all the things I enjoyed to do.

    1. Oh how I needed to read this today! I was thinking the same last night. All the interests I had before this got out of hand. Drinking, then hangovers, thinking about not drinking, then feeling unwell all the time and beating ourselves up takes us away from our true selves…I want me back too :)

  19. Day 15 for me. Yipee!!! I am enjoying lots and lots of chocolate, but I have decided exercise really works for me during the witching hour. Especially hitting the trails and biking.

  20. Books, lots of books. I’m devouring them now the way I used to, now that boozing isn’t taking up my whole evening. A book costs the same as a bottle of wine so I feel it’s a good exchange :) And knitting, agree about far fewer mistakes and more complicated patterns. Rather than adding to my enormous stash of wool, I’m treating myself to new more ambitious patterns. :)

    1. same. I never read much when drinking, would just about manage a drunken stumble through a trashy mag before passing out. Now, books books books!

  21. I bought myself an inexpensive silver plated bracelet that you thread murano glass beads onto and a bag of said beads – also not expensive – so that I can thread one on for each month I accomplish. Three so far. I haven’t told anyone what it’s for- it’s my little secret reminder.☺️

    1. I liked this idea, and love bracelets, so decided to give myself one bead for each day I stay a.f. it’s just going on a week since I decided I need to seriously look at my increasingly regular binges. Anyway, I have 5 beads on my bracelet, which makes me feel pretty good about myself. I bought some bigger beads to add when I get 30 small ones on. It’s baby steps, but it’s more a.f days than I’ve had in a looong time!

      1. I’m on day 2 today also and I LOVE your idea! I saw in the “shop” that there was this pin that says “not today.” And since I am a crafty person, I thought I could make a pin with polymer clay that says “not today” on it. But now, I’m also going to add 5 little hooks from it. One for 30 days, 60, 90, 180 and 365. And I’ll hang a special little bead/stone or even a little coin medallion I can also make in polymer clay for each of these milestones. Oh how powerful that will be for me! I can feel it. Great idea!!!

      2. Lakelover – I’m on day 2 and I love your idea of the daily for now then exchange for a bigger “monthly” reward!! Going out today to start my new jewelry collection!!

    2. I’m going to do this! I need a visual reminder of what I have accomplished. I don’t have daily support from my partner. He lost his drinking buddy and is mourning her I think.

  22. One thing that gave me tremendous pleasure and confidence in my first year sober was learning to cook well without alcohol. As a keen home cook I’d always sloshed in red wine, white wine, sherry, port, liqueurs. I used alcohol in marinades, gravies, sauces. I couldn’t imagine how to do without that flavour-base.

    Then I discovered cloudy organic apple juice, slightly dry. This works very well in many dishes because it gives a little sweetness and taste of fruit. I also use orange juice diluted, home-made chicken stock and vegetable stocks. I thicken sauces with almond milk, flavoured bread crumbs or reduced stocks. My cooking now has lighter and cleaner flavours and nobody ever asks if I left out the wine.

    For baking I scrape fresh vanilla pods rather than vanilla extract with an alcohol base, store pods in small canisters of sugar. Though I prefer to use honey or agave syrup rather than refined sugar.

    Another great treat for me these days are homemade vegetable smoothies — and I use them in soups and to flavour casseroles as well. I use spinach, chard or kale as a base along with fresh parsley and rocket, fresh ginger and broccoli in different combinations and flavoured with mint or basil or origanum, a little sea salt and black peppers. A dollop of Greek yoghurt. I also have smoothies with avocado, cucumber and fresh herbs. Really good pick-me-ups for an early lunch or late brunch. Fennel juice with lime and orange combinations or cucumber, ginger and celery, cilantro or coriander to taste.

    Other favourites:

    Pistachio Milk: Soak 1 cup pistachios / 5 oz overnight, covered, in filtered water. Drain, combine with 3 cups water, and ladle into juicer. This was my favorite non-fruit juice by a stretch. Flavour this with orange blossom water, or citrus zest.

    Grapefruit and ginger juice with a little honey. I can’t give quantities and a little fresh raw ginger goes a long way. Great with a fairly bland bowl of oats for breakfast.

    Zoom- boom-vroom-va-rooom energy savoury drink alongside sourdough bread or crackers with cheese. Juice 1/4 cup carrot juice + 1/4 cup almond milk + 1/16 teaspoon cayenne + 1/2 teaspoon ginger juice + 1/8 teaspoon fine grain sea salt + 2 tablespoons celery juice.

  23. Buying a soda stream (with all that money I saved by not buying wine) was the best investment I ever made. I keep a lemon or lime in the freezer and grate some of it with a microplane into my icy cold fizzy water.

    That and my sudoku gets me through.

    1. Don’t what I’d do with out my soda stream. Get thru about 2 litres a day of ‘bubbly water’. At wine o’clock put in nice glass and add some citrus.

    2. I was talking to someone today who was suggesting that soda stream is a great investment. I relish the quest to find ace good drinks that are delicious. She was also saying about Lime in them. Going to get one! Sadly I don’t see much marketing of them as a great alternative to booze.

    1. Just listening to it now for first time..made me tear up….Spent most of my life hiding and hating myself…I’m sure we can all relate to that one huh? Great song..:)

  24. My favourite sober treat is making the time to read a good novel, which I do a little bit every day. It gives me a chance to drop into an alternate world, which I kind of need, without all the nasty parts of blotting out the world with wine. Reading like I used to read when I was younger has been one of the great pleasures of sober living.

    1. I love the books by Robert Galbraith (the outed JK Rowling) first one was great, second one which came out recently even better.
      First post by me (!) – I’m at home on a Saturday night with lots of wine around and trying not to drink it! I started reading Mrs Ds blog which resonated in all kinds of ways – and have now been following everyone’s comments on this site. Not many days sober for me though – only 7 as I have a had a few failures.

    2. Me too. How great to open the book the next day and REMEMBER what happened in the last chapter before bedtime! I get lost in stories when I’m looking for a wine-time cop-out (though more often I’m cooking, and I find if I get over the first ten minutes of pangs – trusty lime and soda in a wine glass – I can relax with that too).

    3. Yeah I’ve been a bit slack on the novel reading front lately and am feeling it… I’ve got Caitlin Moran’s new book maybe i’ll try to get in that tonight