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‘brain re-training’ tag

Brain retraining…

Friday 13 Jul, 2018, 12:06am by Mrs D 20 comments

I talk a lot about this, how I had to do a lot of really hard work retraining my brain when I first got sober. I often say “I had to work hard to shift my hard-wired thinking around alcohol and retrain my brain”. What does this mean? It means that for twenty-plus years I […]


Friday 29 Jun, 2018, 12:47am by Mrs D 8 comments

Visualisation was a really powerful tool for me early on. It was one of my main strategies for dealing with the awful hours between 4 and 7pm when I was desperate for a drink. Other strategies were cleaning the house, distracting myself with lots of noise and stimulation (radio and TV on, magazine open, computer on), eating […]

Don’t Believe the Bullshit

Thursday 8 Mar, 2018, 12:00pm by Mrs D 23 comments

It’s just bullshit all the lies that are fed to us about all the wonderful things alcohol brings to our lives. Utter bloody bollocks. But the problem is we feed ourselves these lies because we’ve lived in a booze-soaked world our whole lives … and as a result our brains have gotten hard-wired to believing the bullshit. […]

Doing a Party Sober

Thursday 1 Feb, 2018, 12:00pm by Mrs D 16 comments

I’ve been to quite a few parties as a sober person now and generally I don’t have a problem with them (unless I’m just totally not in the mood or it’s really not my scene). I’ve gotten pretty good at working inside my brain to lift my mood so that I can have a good […]

Don’t entertain those addictive thoughts

Tuesday 26 Dec, 2017, 12:00pm by Mrs D 19 comments

You know those thoughts that fly at you trying to convince you to drink or telling you you’re a boring sober loser? Those really unhelpful and distructive thoughts? Here’s the thing. You have a choice not to listen to them. You have a choice whether to engage with them or not. And my suggestion is – […]

Flip your thinking…

Wednesday 21 Jun, 2017, 1:01pm by Mrs D 16 comments

I’ll be honest I had a sad pang about not drinking the other day and had to quickly run over my ‘positive about sobriety’ thought processes to remind myself why my life is better now I’m sober. And when I say ‘quickly run over’ I really mean it. The sad thought popped into my head, I […]

“Would you like to sample some wine?”

Friday 9 Jun, 2017, 2:33pm by Mrs D 6 comments

She was very cheerful the lady at the supermarket who asked me this question. She was dressed smartly, standing beside her display table at the edge of the booze section which is also the end of the cheese and dips section. This is where the alcohol lives in the place where I do my weekly shop. It comes […]

Urge Surfing

Monday 23 Jan, 2017, 3:00pm by Mrs D 9 comments

A year or so ago I took part in a free online Mindfulness Summit which was amazing! I felt like I was attending the most incredible online university course on mindfulness, where every day there is a different guest star lecturer. I have to admit I was a real girly swat about it, faithfully listening every day, taking […]

‘The Voice’

Friday 18 Nov, 2016, 3:30pm by Mrs D 34 comments

No, not the TV show – the one in your head trying to convince you to drink. The one that whispers sweet nothings when you’re vulnerable and promises alcohol will make things better. The one that tells you you’re boring for not drinking, that everyone is judging you, that everyone else is having a Great […]

My Sober Skin

Monday 14 Mar, 2016, 4:10pm by Mrs D 5 comments

I think a big part of the reason I’ve never picked up a drink since I made the decision to stop doing that is that from Day One I put on my Sober Skin and left it there. From Day One I said to myself ‘I am now a non-drinker’ … and with that I […]