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‘bravery’ tag

Growth (Guest post from @prudence)

Friday 22 Jul, 2016, 3:18pm by Mrs D 36 comments

Our beloved and very clever community member @prudence has just celebrated her 2-year soberversary! It has been such a pleasure watching her journey in recovery and lately she has been really on point with her writing and sharing in the Members Feed. With her permission I am sharing some of her recent words of inspiration…. ========== […]

We didn’t know we were missing…

Sunday 10 Jul, 2016, 5:01pm by Mrs D 10 comments

Lovely long term community member @hetiheti wrote in the Members Feed recently as she approached her 700th sober day; “this sober lark is just the best thing ever”. These sorts of statements are always fantastic to hear - especially for new members who are in the early days of giving up. It’s so beneficial when you are grinding your way […]


Sunday 26 Jun, 2016, 5:48pm by Mrs D 10 comments

I think we need to accept that there is a certain amount of grief that goes with getting sober. Grief for the good bits of our past boozy life. Yes the good bits. We have to acknowledge that and grieve it and accept the grief as a part of sobriety. Not a huge amount, but […]

The Brutal Truth (Guest Post)

Saturday 18 Jun, 2016, 5:25pm by Mrs D 37 comments

I’ve always said that one of the most helpful things for me in staying sober is remembering very clearly the boozy hell I was in when drinking. I keep a very clear image in my mind of sloppy, numbed out, drunk, miserable me and bring it to mind when need be (i.e. when my addict […]

Just Hold On..(Guest Post)

Saturday 21 May, 2016, 6:32pm by Mrs D 20 comments

Getting sober is hard work – it is! Anyone who says otherwise is either lucky or lying.  Of course everyone’s story is different but it is probably fair to say that there is a big amount of work that everyone needs to do in the early stages of recovery to re-frame their identity.  During the early days without […]

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope (Guest Post)

Saturday 23 Apr, 2016, 1:15pm by Mrs D 4 comments

If anyone is reading this post and hasn’t yet registered to become a member here at Living Sober and therefore hasn’t been inside the Community Area (specifically the Members Feed) then you are an IDIOT!!!! Sorry.. don’t mean to be rude… but honestly.. no disrespect to all of the features and content outside of the Community Area […]

Our tribe…

Saturday 2 Apr, 2016, 4:59pm by Mrs D 30 comments

This might sound strange but in many ways I am grateful for being an addict. Why? Because without having experienced the despair of my addiction, or the grit of the fight to get free of it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be so in touch with the the strong and determined part of […]

My Sober Skin

Monday 14 Mar, 2016, 4:10pm by Mrs D 5 comments

I think a big part of the reason I’ve never picked up a drink since I made the decision to stop doing that is that from Day One I put on my Sober Skin and left it there. From Day One I said to myself ‘I am now a non-drinker’ … and with that I […]

I deserve this…

Sunday 7 Feb, 2016, 5:16pm by Mrs D 17 comments

Once again here I am going on about brain re-training. It is VITAL! It is CRUCIAL! It is HUGELY INSTRUMENTAL in helping us get to a happy sober place! That is – not miserable being a non-drinker.. delighted as fuck that we’re not hooked on that shit any more and foolishly believing a whole lot […]

Am I a failure?

Monday 21 Sep, 2015, 9:26am by Mrs D 34 comments

Am I a failure because I’m not calm and contented all the time? Am I a failure because I seem to have developed low-grade anxiety lately and am aware that often I have this slight ‘sense of impending doom’ that isn’t related to anything specific that is currently going on? Am I a failure because […]