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Yoga To You (Guest Post)

Thursday 8 Feb, 2018, 7:36am by Mrs D 12 comments

This guest post comes from sober hero and yoga teacher Sue (@suek).  ============ Everyone knows they should be doing some physical self care right? And many of us have found yoga is an amazing tool for recovery. But I know doing yoga can seem like a huge leap; getting to a class can be a […]

I don’t care what anyone else thinks…

Thursday 21 Sep, 2017, 4:00pm by Mrs D 18 comments

Sometimes I have this fleeting thought that I’m actually kidding myself that I’m still fun now that I’m sober… and in actual fact most people are privately thinking to themselves ‘oh that boring sober Mrs D with her boring sober life, who’d want to know her?’. Truth is I probably thought that about ‘straight’, ‘boring’ (non-party) […]

Getting Sober vs Living Sober

Thursday 25 May, 2017, 2:39pm by Mrs D 15 comments

Getting sober and living sober are two very different things. One is a short(ish) term project that is hard work and requires a big concerted effort. The other is a long term lifestyle choice that requires the implementation and nurturing of a variety of nourishing tools and techniques. Getting sober requires grit, determination and bravery. It involves you […]

Silly Season Inspirations (Pictorial Post)

Wednesday 7 Dec, 2016, 9:30am by Mrs D 26 comments

The end of the year can be a particularly tricky time for us sober people. Lots of financial pressures, social events to navigate, family dynamics to manage. It is particularly important that at this time of year we focus down on the small-but-very-powerful things around us that give us strength, lift our hearts, inspire us, make us feel […]

You are a boring sober loser…

Sunday 6 Nov, 2016, 5:28pm by Mrs D 7 comments

That’s our biggest fear when we quit drinking isn’t it … that other people are going to think we are boring sober losers who are to be avoided at all costs. Or maybe the truth is we are the ones doing the accusing, considering ourselves to be boring sober losers. It was certainly my biggest […]

Sober Holidays Are The Best!

Sunday 23 Oct, 2016, 5:59pm by Mrs D 7 comments

Sober holidays are the best!!! Here’s why.. 1) Saving money. Booze is EXPENSIVE! And at the rate I used to drink it you could add hundreds to my holiday bill. But now I don’t drink I have more to spend on lovely indulgences for myself like massages (yes!), activities (that I’m more inclined to do […]

Growth (Guest post from @prudence)

Friday 22 Jul, 2016, 3:18pm by Mrs D 36 comments

Our beloved and very clever community member @prudence has just celebrated her 2-year soberversary! It has been such a pleasure watching her journey in recovery and lately she has been really on point with her writing and sharing in the Members Feed. With her permission I am sharing some of her recent words of inspiration…. ========== […]


Sunday 26 Jun, 2016, 5:48pm by Mrs D 10 comments

I think we need to accept that there is a certain amount of grief that goes with getting sober. Grief for the good bits of our past boozy life. Yes the good bits. We have to acknowledge that and grieve it and accept the grief as a part of sobriety. Not a huge amount, but […]

Happiness is a new rug (Guest Post)

Sunday 5 Jun, 2016, 5:52pm by Mrs D 21 comments

This update was posted by our beloved long-time member @ylang-ylang (over 700 sober days hooray!) in the Members Feed the other day. In it I thought she perfectly summed up how our lives can unfold and settle into a new state of calm and joy after we give up booze. With her permission I am […]

Mindfulness in Recovery (Guest Post)

Sunday 8 May, 2016, 10:00am by Mrs D 6 comments

This guest post comes from Jay, the Community Outreach Director at One Mind Dharma.  ========== On March 20th of 2015, I was sitting in a psychiatric locked ward in Pasadena, California crying in the corner of my shared room. The bathroom had no door and neither did the bedrooms. There were cries and howls from […]