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‘emotions’ tag

Working my recovery….

Monday 22 Feb, 2016, 10:57am by Mrs D 23 comments

Today is day 1630 of sobriety for me and this is proving an interesting time for me right now… The hard work of early sobriety is over, not drinking is normal and therefore the pride and joy from being a non-drinker is also a bit diminished (still there but not so acute). Nowadays I find myself having […]

I deserve this…

Sunday 7 Feb, 2016, 5:16pm by Mrs D 17 comments

Once again here I am going on about brain re-training. It is VITAL! It is CRUCIAL! It is HUGELY INSTRUMENTAL in helping us get to a happy sober place! That is – not miserable being a non-drinker.. delighted as fuck that we’re not hooked on that shit any more and foolishly believing a whole lot […]

It doesn’t solve or fix anything…

Saturday 9 Jan, 2016, 8:56pm by Mrs D 7 comments

Alcohol is such a tricky drug. On the surface it appears to help us deal with things by relaxing us and ‘taking us away’ emotionally, yet in reality it does exactly the opposite. But it’s hard to see the reality because the surface impact is real. It works! If you are stressed – have a drink […]

Drinking Dreams..

Monday 2 Nov, 2015, 10:39am by Mrs D 9 comments

It’s very hard to explain the intensity of a drinking dream to someone who isn’t sober. It’s one of those experiences we sober people have that are hard to convey in words to non-sober people. It doesn’t sound that bad to say: “Last night I dreamt I was drinking. It really upset me and I woke up feeling unsettled.” […]

My tastebuds have changed…

Sunday 27 Sep, 2015, 7:29am by Mrs D 6 comments

This might seem a bit silly and trite but I’m often incredulous about this. Before I got sober I hated soda water (club soda, sparkling water, seltzer water, or fizzy water… call it what you will) – like HATED it. I would NEVER drink it, turning it down with a ‘no thanks, I don’t like […]

It’s never too late to grow up (guest post)

Saturday 29 Aug, 2015, 1:41pm by Mrs D 28 comments

We are very fortunate that the lovely @suek has written another exceptional guest post for us. Sue’s writing ability combined with her willingness to be brave, honest, open, and self-exploratory makes her gold in my book. I think a lot of us will relate to this post. It’s long, but it’s well worth the read. =============== […]


Sunday 5 Jul, 2015, 4:19pm by Mrs D 5 comments

I don’t think I was very resilient when I first got sober. My emotional coping mechanisms weren’t well formed AT ALL and I would be quite knocked by tricky phases in my life. Every time I had a rough week where I felt overly sad or angry or stressed or some such I would be […]

Acceptance …. tinged with kindness…

Friday 1 May, 2015, 10:49am by Mrs D 9 comments

I’ve been doing this new thing in regards to my emotions. Lately I’ve been finding that I’m not only accepting my tough emotions (stress, anxiety, glumness etc).. but I’m responding to them with some kindness. It’s hard to explain this because it’s quite subtle and seemingly minor but it’s a very delicate shift in my […]

What’s the worst that people can think?

Wednesday 15 Apr, 2015, 6:51pm by Mrs D 16 comments

On my lowest days I sometimes have glum thoughts about my sobriety. It happens rarely nowadays (at 3+ years sober) but it does happen, and always when I’m tired or stressed or miserable. In other words when I’m vulnerable. When I’m vulnerable my stupid brain will start manufacturing thoughts designed to make me feel worse. They […]

My ugly recovery…

Sunday 5 Apr, 2015, 9:51am by Mrs D 17 comments

Sometimes my recovery is extremely ugly. Sometimes my recovery involves tears, yelling, feeling low or inadequate, self-destructive thoughts, grumpiness, a sense of despair, and hopelessness. Sometimes my recovery involves far too much chocolate, lollies and ginger crunch, a lot of toast with butter, big mugs of milky decaf instant coffee, numerous mini bags of chippies, and […]