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‘honesty’ tag

Sober is Good (Guest Post)

Friday 7 Jul, 2017, 2:55pm by Mrs D 17 comments

This guest post comes from our much treasured member @prudence who has worked through some tough circumstances recently including the death of a close friend and moving house. She regularly shares with us all the goings on and the ups and downs of her life in recovery, never sugarcoating things or pretending things are great when they’re not. […]

Brighter and Lighter (Guest Post)

Tuesday 4 Apr, 2017, 9:27am by Mrs D 36 comments

One of our very brave and amazing community members @wvlheel has just celebrated his one year soberversary – yay! He wrote this passionate and emotional update in the Members Feed and I found it so powerful and moving I thought it worth sharing here as a guest post. ================ @wvlheel: My counter says 365. Woah. […]

Do I miss drinking?

Sunday 29 Jan, 2017, 9:46pm by Mrs D 26 comments

Someone asked me the other day if I missed drinking. I almost giggled at the absurdity of the question but managed to stop myself from doing so – thankfully, as that would have been rude. Instead I simply said ‘No I don’t miss it.” I’m sure I sounded quite casual about it, but believe me […]

On being a sober parent….

Sunday 27 Nov, 2016, 4:10pm by Mrs D 14 comments

I was watching a movie the other day and it showed a woman having a flashback to her childhood where her mum was a total wastoid and completely blotto all of the time. They showed her mum passed out on the sofa, vomiting at the table, slurring in the supermarket – it was really bad. And they […]

My Tipping Point (Guest Post)

Sunday 2 Oct, 2016, 10:34am by Mrs D 21 comments

This guest post comes from beloved community member @inthegarage66 (known by his shortened nickname as @itg). For a while now he has been promising to share the details of his final night of drinking, and explain what the tipping point was that led him to finally make the firm and clear decision that he will never […]

Divine Intervention (Guest Post)

Sunday 18 Sep, 2016, 3:10pm by Mrs D 21 comments

This guest post comes from Katrina Tanirau, a journalist living in Matamata. She reached out to me via Facebook offering to write something for the site and I said ‘go for it’! Little did I know she would deliver a piece as powerful and stirring as this one is. ========== Katrina: Thinking back on it now, […]

Authenticity (Guest Post from @suek)

Saturday 20 Aug, 2016, 4:03pm by Mrs D 28 comments

  We are very fortunate that the lovely @suek has written another insightful guest post for us. I always really appreciate her take on matters of identity and truth. Her willingness to explore herself in brutally honest yet gentle and loving ways makes for compelling reading. I know many of you will relate to what she is exploring […]


Sunday 26 Jun, 2016, 5:48pm by Mrs D 10 comments

I think we need to accept that there is a certain amount of grief that goes with getting sober. Grief for the good bits of our past boozy life. Yes the good bits. We have to acknowledge that and grieve it and accept the grief as a part of sobriety. Not a huge amount, but […]

The Brutal Truth (Guest Post)

Saturday 18 Jun, 2016, 5:25pm by Mrs D 37 comments

I’ve always said that one of the most helpful things for me in staying sober is remembering very clearly the boozy hell I was in when drinking. I keep a very clear image in my mind of sloppy, numbed out, drunk, miserable me and bring it to mind when need be (i.e. when my addict […]

Members Survey – Results!!!

Tuesday 17 May, 2016, 5:31pm by Mrs D 3 comments

Well this is exciting! Finally I get to publish the results of the Members Survey that we ran over Christmas time. Thank you each and every one of you who gave your time to contribute to this survey – your feedback and opinions are being used to help make decisions about the site’s future. The […]