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My New Year’s Resolution…

Friday 6 Jan, 2017, 3:18pm by Mrs D 9 comments

I’m not usually a huge one for New Year’s resolutions because I don’t want to feel useless when I don’t manage to stick to them them. But this year I reckon I came up with a good one… “I’m going to keep trying to be the best version of myself that I can be.” I like this one […]

On being a sober parent….

Sunday 27 Nov, 2016, 4:10pm by Mrs D 14 comments

I was watching a movie the other day and it showed a woman having a flashback to her childhood where her mum was a total wastoid and completely blotto all of the time. They showed her mum passed out on the sofa, vomiting at the table, slurring in the supermarket – it was really bad. And they […]

Divine Intervention (Guest Post)

Sunday 18 Sep, 2016, 3:10pm by Mrs D 21 comments

This guest post comes from Katrina Tanirau, a journalist living in Matamata. She reached out to me via Facebook offering to write something for the site and I said ‘go for it’! Little did I know she would deliver a piece as powerful and stirring as this one is. ========== Katrina: Thinking back on it now, […]

Bring your curious, upbeat energy..

Tuesday 13 Sep, 2016, 4:45pm by Mrs D 7 comments

I think one thing that really helps in early sobriety is to bring a healthy level of curious, upbeat energy to the entire process. I know that seems like a tough thing to muster at times..anything of an upbeat nature that is.  Things are often quite grim and hard work in those early days and weeks. Cravings, […]

Behind Closed Doors…

Sunday 29 May, 2016, 9:25am by Mrs D 29 comments

That’s where most of my boozing went on in the latter years. Behind closed doors, in my house, on my sofa. Me on my own (Mr D was a shift worker and went to bed early) finishing all the wine in the house, watching TV programmes that I wouldn’t remember in the morning. Occasionally I […]

Just Hold On..(Guest Post)

Saturday 21 May, 2016, 6:32pm by Mrs D 20 comments

Getting sober is hard work – it is! Anyone who says otherwise is either lucky or lying.  Of course everyone’s story is different but it is probably fair to say that there is a big amount of work that everyone needs to do in the early stages of recovery to re-frame their identity.  During the early days without […]

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope (Guest Post)

Saturday 23 Apr, 2016, 1:15pm by Mrs D 4 comments

If anyone is reading this post and hasn’t yet registered to become a member here at Living Sober and therefore hasn’t been inside the Community Area (specifically the Members Feed) then you are an IDIOT!!!! Sorry.. don’t mean to be rude… but honestly.. no disrespect to all of the features and content outside of the Community Area […]

My Sober Skin

Monday 14 Mar, 2016, 4:10pm by Mrs D 5 comments

I think a big part of the reason I’ve never picked up a drink since I made the decision to stop doing that is that from Day One I put on my Sober Skin and left it there. From Day One I said to myself ‘I am now a non-drinker’ … and with that I […]

Self-Care (guest post)

Sunday 31 Jan, 2016, 11:56am by Mrs D 19 comments

We talk about self-care a lot here at Living Sober. It’s so ridiculously important. Right now for me it’s the end of the long summer school holidays, I’m tired and run down, haven’t had a lot of time to myself and my self-care has slipped. Not just physical things like diet, exercise, and sleep … but […]

Things Change (guest post)

Saturday 16 Jan, 2016, 1:24pm by Mrs D 14 comments

This guest post was written by the wise and [email protected] after she hosted some friends for dinner recently.  ============ @suek: The talk starts as I’m tossing the salad. Friend: Are you still not drinking Sue? Me: Nope. (Hubs chirps in and says “It’s been three years now!” That made me smile.) Friend: THREE YEARS??!!!! Me: Yup. Friend: […]