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‘regret’ tag

I am not the problem….

Monday 30 Oct, 2017, 1:24am by Mrs D 8 comments

At the end of my drinking days I was a miserable booze-soaked wreck. I had so much wine coursing through my veins I was soaked in the stuff. I was completely ground down by my heavy and dysfunctional drinking habit. I felt weak, powerless and pathetic because I couldn’t control myself when it came to alcohol. […]

Underage drinking

Wednesday 13 Sep, 2017, 1:18pm by Mrs D 9 comments

I got caught underage drinking when I was sixteen. I was in a pub in Sumner near Christchurch (called the Marine Tavern from memory) swigging beer and dancing to a  covers band when the cops stormed in and picked out all us young’uns.  I remember being shit scared standing outside having my name and address taken down […]

On flaws and forgiving ourselves..

Sunday 28 Aug, 2016, 7:06pm by Mrs D 10 comments

By crickey I am flawed. I am so deeply flawed it is not funny. I know I’m a brave and amazing sober warrior (as are many of you!!) but in other areas of my life I try and fail all the time. I promise myself I’m not going to eat sugar and then I furtively eat […]

Blessed relief…

Tuesday 8 Mar, 2016, 4:57pm by Mrs D 11 comments

I was interviewed by a journalist the other day (you can read the article here) and I was describing to her the crazy struggle that can go on in our heads over the course of a day when we are living with addiction. You know how it goes… * Wake up at 3am hungover, guilty and […]

The Rules…

Wednesday 28 Jan, 2015, 12:49pm by Mrs D 23 comments

I got the idea for this post from member @citygirl. She wrote a fabulous update in the Members Feed when she reached her magnificent 110 days sober. Here’s what she wrote: “Becoming sober has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am re-reading Mrs Ds book at the moment, after I […]

The 24-hour cycle of a boozer

Wednesday 21 Jan, 2015, 12:11pm by Mrs D 16 comments

Member @maryisnotafairy posted this in the Sober Toolbox recently and I thought it was bloody brilliant so am featuring it here as a blog post. At the time of posting she said “this really took me back to the last year of my drinking. My best tool is thinking through the drink. I never want to return to […]

The broken pieces of yesterday…

Tuesday 30 Dec, 2014, 6:20pm by Mrs D 27 comments

Member @twinkle just wrote a powerful update in the Members Feed about the crap day she had yesterday. It did sound like she’d had a mega crap day, but she’d managed her way through it with the help of various strategies (chocolate, online shopping, ice-cream) and no alcohol (yay!). She recounted the day, wrote honestly and proudly about […]

A letter to my past addicted self

Tuesday 5 Aug, 2014, 6:58am by Mrs D 3 comments

I was asked by an American rehab to submit an article for their website. They said “write a letter to your past addicted self. Be persuasive and empowering “. I didn’t hold back. ========================= Dear Mrs D, Here’s the thing. You’re hooked on booze. It’s got its claws into you and that’s just a fact. Don’t hide away […]