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‘soberversaries’ tag


Wednesday 9 May, 2018, 12:00pm by Mrs D 19 comments

They are hard. I hate to have to admit that because they are also fun and wonderful.. but on another level they are hard work. We give up booze, we set ourselves targets, we work towards them, we count the days, the weeks, the months, then we hit a big Soberversary and we want to […]

To count or not to count….

Tuesday 14 Nov, 2017, 10:44am by Mrs D 11 comments

… that is the question. This topic bubbles around recovery communties constantly. Do you count your sober days? Some of us love counting our days – especially when it’s so easy to do with the sobriety calculator here at Living Sober. We watch our little yellow box tick up and up and enjoy celebrating milestones. We see […]

Brighter and Lighter (Guest Post)

Tuesday 4 Apr, 2017, 9:27am by Mrs D 36 comments

One of our very brave and amazing community members @wvlheel has just celebrated his one year soberversary – yay! He wrote this passionate and emotional update in the Members Feed and I found it so powerful and moving I thought it worth sharing here as a guest post. ================ @wvlheel: My counter says 365. Woah. […]

Growth (Guest post from @prudence)

Friday 22 Jul, 2016, 3:18pm by Mrs D 36 comments

Our beloved and very clever community member @prudence has just celebrated her 2-year soberversary! It has been such a pleasure watching her journey in recovery and lately she has been really on point with her writing and sharing in the Members Feed. With her permission I am sharing some of her recent words of inspiration…. ========== […]

Looks plain stupid!

Sunday 24 Jan, 2016, 6:06pm by Mrs D 8 comments

I just celebrated my 1600th sober day! I probably wouldn’t bother counting days at this stage of my sobriety but the day counter widget on this site makes it super easy. Celebrating milestones is fun! For this nice round number I made a date loaf especially so that I could cut it lengthways and write ’1600′ on it with […]

An interview with myself (guest post from @behind-the-sofa)

Wednesday 11 Mar, 2015, 11:03am by Mrs D 28 comments

One of the lovely members of this site @behind-the-sofa recently celebrated 1 year of living alcohol-free (woo hoo!!). He posted a quirky update in the Members Feed that was essentially an interview with himself – a very clever way to extrapolate what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling after working hard on himself for a whole year. I […]

Seven Hundred & Thirty (guest post)

Tuesday 2 Dec, 2014, 12:20pm by Mrs D 25 comments

Last week I asked my friend Jackson (@_jjw_) if he would write a post for me to feature here, thinking it would be good to hear the perspective of a sober guy in his late 20′s, and what it’s like for him to move around our boozy world as a non-drinker. I didn’t realise when I asked him that he was on […]

3 years sober!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 7 Sep, 2014, 1:49pm by Mrs D 40 comments

Yesterday was lovely – my Three Years Sober celebration day! I felt very happy and proud of myself all day, and quietly grounded in my lovely new sober lifestyle which I appreciate so very much. It was a pretty ordinary Saturday really, hanging out with my boys, a bit of cooking, a trip to a local school […]


Friday 22 Aug, 2014, 12:29pm by Mrs D 26 comments

I woke up this morning inexplicably happy to be sober! Just a big burst of happy endorphins and optimistic feelings. I had a big long hot shower and when I finally padded down to the kitchen in my slippers the sun was breaking through the clouds over the hillside across from our house. I grabbed […]