Things I love about being sober

Thursday 23 Mar, 2017, 1:00am by Mrs D 59 comments

I love that most nights I sleep very deeply for many hours. Such a change from when I had terrible alcohol-induced insomnia all the time.

I love that when I wake up in the morning my first thought isn’t ‘how much did I drink last night.’ I love being free from that awful morning guilt and  misery.

I love not having hangovers any more!!!!! No More Hangovers!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!

I love that I am not modelling to my kids that regular, daily wine consumption is a normal way to live. I love that I am showing that it is possible to have a great time at parties, BBQs, on holiday, at Christmas time etc without touching alcohol (not a common sight in this country). I love that I am showing them that a problem can be bravely faced and turned around.

I love that  after every hard phase I grind my way through – even though I come out the other side feeling somewhat bruised and vulnerable – I am slowly getting to know myself so much better. Every adverse time is a learning time for me and the cumulative effect of all this sober ‘learning’ is very satisfying and calming.

I love that I can buy lots of fresh flowers and glossy magazines and bottled fizzy water and scented candles and clothes and stuff and not feel guilty (or sometimes just a little bit guilty) because I am saving so much money by not buying heaps of booze all the time!!

I love that my recycling bin only goes out once a month because it has hardly anything in it.

I love that I never have trouble remembering what I said or how I felt or how someone reacted or anything because I always have my wits about me because I’m sober all the time!

I love my online tribe of sober warriors. I love being surrounded by people who just get it. I love that I can share openly and honestly and receive only kindness and wisdom in return. You know what it’s like to have no control over alcohol. You know what it’s like to go through a recovery process. You know what it’s like to live sober in a booze soaked world.

I love that I get to ‘witness’ (in an online sense) other brave and amazing souls digging deep to remove alcohol from their lives and become the best versions of themselves they can be. I love that I am inspired every day by other people’s fight and determination.

I love not having to worry that the organs inside my body are having to process a shit-load of carcinogenic crap every day.

I love being sober!! Do you?

What do you love about being sober?

Mrs D xxx


  1. I still cannot believe how I undid in 2 days what I had achieved in 15 days. 2 nights of not sleeping and start with another day 1.I am grateful for this website. Reading all the posts certainly will help me to get back on track

  2. I love the fact that Ive found you Mrs D. I tried sobriety before. But the ups and downs snd the turmoil in my head was so bad that I drank again. (I smashed the life out of a ladder with a hammer!)
    But Im reading your book and knowing you went through the same and came out the other side, im determined to stick with it this time. Im on day 3. X

  3. Your blog is so inspirational and Your words resonate with so much of my experience in my 15 months sobriety. Love my sleep on my soft sheets ( did I care before?) and love how I am much less paranoid when someone seems to insult me. I can take things in stride now. While drinking wine I would ruminate over perceived hurts. Life is too precious for that ! I can certainly feel the stings of life but I no longer magnify them and I readily see the joys and blessings!
    Thanks for sharing your insights with other sober travelers.

  4. I’m 301 days sober. I tried quitting so many times but said to myself that I would never be able to quit unless I could get rid of the craving to drink every single night. So I tried to find underlying reasons why I drank. Thought if I could address or fix those triggers then I could stop. But turns out that’s not the key. To get rid of the cravings u just have to stop taking the addictive drug!! The first day is the hardest the second day is the second hardest and so in. Once it’s out of your system the cravings go away. The longer u go the easier it gets. For me anyway. I barely have the urge now. Even at parties. Nobody even noticed anymore they’re just focused on themselves anyway. Once you get to a comfort zone you lose the self-conscientious of not drinking and you just end up feeling really good about yourself. Then that’s what’s addictive. That awesome feeling.

  5. I am very early days but I love the lack of guilt and anxiety. On a totally superficial note I also like the fact I look better in myself.

  6. I love being present in all aspects of my life. I love walking my dog in the park. I love that I have clear head and can remember just about everything.

  7. Love this thread! Having so many things I love about sobriety, it’s hard to pick just two but I’m going to try. I love that my heart has opened up and I’m being able to receive love ~ I couldn’t feel another’s love for me because I had no love for me. I love the freedom from the obsession of drinking! ~ It used to drive me batty! The world is my playground without that gawd-awful obsession.

  8. I love.. no hangovers.
    I love calmness.
    I love family time.
    I love driving.
    I love walking the dog in fresh air with a clear head.
    I love sober sleep.
    I love getting through the cravings and winning.
    I love lots more energy.
    I love just about everything about being

  9. Hi Mrs D,

    I’ve read your amazing book and it has inspired me to try again. I want to feel better and not always filled with dread.

    Thank you for sharing your story and helping me start mine.

    Day 1.

    Spilly X

  10. I love the time I spend watching Shaun the Sheep with my sons at 6pm, instead of boozing alone in my kitchen, pretending I’m having my own little party.

    I love to go to bed after having brushed my teeth and enjoy the fresh smell of the bed linens, of my pyjama, of my skin, instead of the reak of white wine.

    I love to wake up hungry, smell the fresh air and get ready to have a good day. I feel alive.l

    I love to read my book in the evening knowing I’ll remember what I read tomorrow evening.

    I love to come back from the grocery store with no booze in the trunk and put the music very loud in my car, instead of driving back thinking of where I’m going to storethe wine, when I can get rid of the evidence (bring the glass bottles to recycling) when I will be able to buy some more..

    I love realizing late in the evening that I did not even think of having wine, while cooking dinner

    I love going through the aisles of the grocery store and having the choice, deciding not to buy wine, with a snob attitude “no thank you!”

    I love the idea of going to the Little Mix concert with my 10 year old daughter, not having to wonder how I can drink that evening, when the best time will be, who will drive us, how we are going to get back.

  11. I love…..Having lost weight,and buying sexy dresses .I love waking up each morning & not anxiety over what I posted on Facebook the night before,who I emailed or tired etc….
    I love being a wonderful role model to my teenagers,and keeping a beautiful,tidy,clean,peaceful home.
    I love how I look in my new gorgeous lingerie haha.
    I’m nearly 3 months alcohol free,and I love Lottas posts.

  12. I have been flirting with giving up my daily wine for about a year. The longest I have gone without 3 glasses a night is 6 days. I love reading about those who have given it up and I keep looking for their secret to successful sobriety. I am now one day sober and it is New Year’s Eve. My husband and I are staying home tonight—I plan to stay sober. Any tips to help me stay committed are welcome.

  13. I love life
    I love my energy
    I love that I have no $ but yet no worries b/c I’m sober
    I love that I’m seeing the world In a goofy & fun filled light again
    I love caring about life again
    I love love

  14. I don’t even know where to start…

    I love that I am doing this for me first and foremost.
    I love that I am learning to be kind to myself
    I love that I see a lot less of 3am
    I love that I am proud of myself
    I love that I have found a community of people who bring me strength in all aspects of my life
    I love that I know that this will change my life
    I love that I look five years younger
    I love that I have money to spend on other things
    I love feeling lighter – less worried, less guilty, less ashamed
    I love that when I meet up with my friends it’s about my friends, when I go dancing it’s about dancing, when I go for a meal it’s about the meal
    I love the journey of self discovery
    I love the time I have reclaimed in my day

    I love that I am proud of myself
    I love that I am learning to forgive myself

  15. I love that I have woken up clear headed with no guilt for 195 days in a row.

    I love that I can be anywhere at any time – I can show up and be present for myself and others – after hours for my kids, to help a friend, early flight, etc. because I am neither drunk or hungover.

    I love having no bad breath in the morning because I am neither dehydrated nor hungover.

    I love that I have something to be proud of. I know the struggle, I know what I have and am over coming. I am doing this. I am worth it. I am learning I deserve to be happy. I am still working on being happy and starting with letting myself be proud of being sober.

    I love that I can post this and know you all understand.

  16. I love that the feelings I have are real and sometimes feel joyeous not blurred
    I love that I can be the true mama or matriarch of my family, I can be trusted day or night
    I love driving anywhere anytime
    I love morning
    I love the possibilities that are opening as I get braver in the fact I choose to be sober

  17. I love that I go to the gym without feeling hungover and just trying to hold it together and get through. I love that I enjoy my job and interacting with my colleagues again. I love that I am able to enjoy my passion in life, my horses, without so many days not being game to ride as my head ‘isn’t with it enough’. I can ride my horses whenever I like, exercise as I like, work efficiently and my head is clear and my outlook positive. I have finally found the right track, a sober one, and this one makes me happy everyday.

  18. Ah me too. I really worry that drinking has done damage to my body and that by having no control over the amount I drunk I was just killing myself slowly.

    I love waking up after a good night’so sleep without a hangover too, it’s the best.

    I have only just stopped drinking recently but already know I am on the right path now.

  19. I love being able to be real, not hiding behind a booze haze.
    I love not having to write down who I phoned last night and what we talked about so I would remember in the morning.
    I love natural deep sleep.
    I love a clear head.
    I love feeling alive and motivated.
    I love that my liver function test has come back to normal. I love how my not drinking has slightly influenced a few others around me to observe their own drinking.
    And I love Lotta too. :-)

    1. Hi,
      Just reading posts and yours grabbed my attention because I also have high liver function test results, my Ggt is at 108. I’m hoping to get it back into normal range soon, though I am only 18 days sober. Drinking lots of water and dandelion tea. How long did it take your readings to be normal??

    1. I love that I spent last two evenings walking with sober family members, laughing and having a great time. I love that I’m taking a trip to a little sea town next week with my daughter who just graduated treatment. I love I don’t feel like a hypocrite. I love hearing all of you!

  20. I love this topic! What do I love about being sober?
    a) I love that I don’t feel like someone is mad at me about something I said or did.
    b) I love that I’m not mad at myself for something I may have said or did.
    c) I love that I look better than I have in a long time.
    d) I love that I have no debt.
    e) I love that I can have any treat I want.
    f) I love that I have a great relationship with my husband, enhanced by my boozeless life.
    g) I love that I am taking control of my beautiful, sacred life.
    h) I love that I connect with people who are also on this ‘journey’.
    i) I love that I don’t smoke much now that I don’t drink and am so much better for it.
    j) I love that I learn so much now that I’m sober.
    k) I love that my parents are proud of me. Yes, at 47, that matters to me.
    l) I love that my pleasures are simple, in the moment, usually around nature or chocolate or coffee.
    m) I love how my body has changed now that I don’t drink. Pesky mid-section is slooowly going away.
    n) I love feeling strong and calm and confident!!

  21. I love not feeling that the booze is in control of me

    I love being able to see things with clarity

    I love learning about myself, without having to numb

    I love not feeling less than we’ll all the time

    I love the LS community

    I love the TIME I now have, even if it’s just spent sometimes just watching box sets, it’s real time

    I love that I am learning to be patient and not want everything NOE

  22. The simple blessing of the ability to feel feelings that comes with sober living is the greatest joy. That I can be present, accounted for, and responsible, is a gift I have no intentions of returning.

  23. I love no hangovers
    I love feeling of peace inside of me
    I love saving money
    I love remembering everything
    I love good sleeping
    I love more empathy
    I love more motivation
    I love myself more :)
    I love clear mind, world full of bright colours
    I love sobriety in the car
    I love not doing stupid things I could not remember
    I love sobriety is a gift for my body
    I love no puffy face
    I love having so much free time
    I love better nutrition, coffee tastes so good again
    I love better mood
    I love I’m giving a good example to my son
    I love constant feeling of hydration
    I love my new reality – I call it “reality in 4th demention”

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