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Thursday 8 Feb, 2018, 7:36am by Mrs D 13 comments

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This guest post comes from sober hero and yoga teacher Sue (@suek). 


Everyone knows they should be doing some physical self care right? And many of us have found yoga is an amazing tool for recovery. But I know doing yoga can seem like a huge leap; getting to a class can be a massive challenge, and even if you do make it to a class, it can be intimidating or overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner but also even if you’ve been practicing for years.

I teach yoga, and I’ve recently made some video classes for my students when we have to cancel classes because of snow. (That happens regularly where I live in Canada!) I was talking to Mrs D the other day, telling her about my new video venture, and we thought how about yoga videos for the Living Sober tribe?

I’ve made two 20-minute classes for you—one for those times when you need to calm yourself down (like when you’re having a raving craving), and one for when you need to amp up your energy (when the pink cloud goes dark and you need a perk up, or to get going first thing in the morning). They are both chair practices, and should be good for any level of experience, even complete beginners.

There’s also a 50 minute practice for if you’ve got more time.

I purposely do the videos “raw” as in no make-up, no lights, no editing, no special effects. Just me and my laptop in the spare room. My yoga is for daily life.

Give them a try, and let me know if you find them helpful.

And feel free to send me any ideas for other videos you think would be good for this community.

x @SueK

Ps. As I will not be in the room to watch over you while you practice, please take it easy and don’t over-strain yourself. These practices are very simple, and you will have the support of the chair, but you are responsible for looking after yourself and not overdoing it!


  1. Thank you so so SO much. I don’t know where to start with yoga so combined with perfectionism and crippling social anxiety classes just aren’t for me. Fab

  2. These are so bloody perfect!!!! I’m going to use them for a retreat I’m helping to plan in May. We’ll be having a yoga class in the mornings and I’ve been looking for the perfect class on the internet and yours is it!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing your videos. I am on my 5th week of yoga and truly enjoying this new experience. It is challenging for me to be calm and present in my sobriety (7 months) and yoga is helping. I haven’t tried it in a chair so am looking forward to it this week.

  4. Hi Sue,

    I haven,t seen the videos yet, but thank you. Sometimes I am not able to get to our wonderful yoga classes here due to weather/tides.
    What a kind and generous thing to share with us,

  5. Just did the 20 min rev up one with you Sue! (Did I know you were a lithe yoga teacher???)
    Very cool….. Tara Brach eat your heart out! ; )
    Finally some Yoga I can actually do without feeling like my body is made of wood!
    Thanks : )

  6. This is great! Yoga is so wonderful for recovery- the perfect stress reliever and resilience builder. The postures alone are great for releasing tension in the body, but when you add in the breath, and bring Yoga into your daily life through the Yamas and Niyamas, it can be utterly transformational! I found my sobriety entirely through Yoga, having not even been accepting that I was an alcoholic at the start of my training, and totally sober by the end of it – 3 and a half years later and still going strong, all thanks to the amazing power of Yoga!

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